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Photography – A Friendly Face

Singapore Botanic Gardens - A Friendly Face

Was on my evening walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens when I saw this happy pair jogging in my direction. I wanted to discreetly capture them, but this lovely gentleman noticed me and promptly waved. He made my day :) If only the world was full of friendly people like him!

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Cute Kitty

This cute kitty was the first thing that greeted me as I walked into the pet shop. I was attracted to her tiger-esque stripes, lemon-coloured eyes and elegant gait (or what we would call “gay-lek” in Malay). And then she stood up to drink water. It was a simple act, but she looked oh-so-cute I went snappy-happy. If only I could gather so much excitement when I drank water too. Heh. She would make a good real-life Puss in Boots.

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Photography – Cat in a Basket

Funny Cat

This furball gave me a mild shock when I chanced upon it sleeping amongst a basket of papayas at the market. Thank God for quick reflexes and camera phones, haha. This expression is priceless!

Cute cat yawning

okok, I’ll leave you to snooze…you look like you just laid a golden papaya though, so cute!