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Starry Starry Sky 满天星

Inle Lake

I recently got to know of this song “满天星” from my very talented friend Kai Yang, who also happens to be the lyricist. It was love at first hearing, and my heart began to beat to the melody. 感触好多哦。。心好久没这种感觉了。I found myself listening to it over and over again…and falling in love with the lyrics. Although it sounds too good to be true, if a man sang this song to me, I may just melt like a snowman (I’m useless, I know lol).

I am pretty sure most of us have imagined and yearned for the perfect love, the type that makes us do silly things and promised the whole galaxy to a loved one. But how many of these dreams actually come true, and how many of these do go on to be happily ever-after? I wonder. 每个人都期望过谈一段轰轰烈烈的爱情,但又有多少人能实现愿望呢?即使实现了,又有多少个能白头到老?

As I grow older – and hopefully wiser without the white hair – I realise that rather than the drama-mama love stories which usually flickr off faster than a firefly, the best type of love are those with no expectations, no big words of eternal declaration nor promises too big to keep. It’s the type of love where you can spot him amongst a sea of people, feel his heart beat for you amongst the thunderous footsteps of humanity, and where there is mutual respect for each other. He may not have the face of Brad Pitt, the wit of Barack Obama nor the bod of Hugh Jackman,  but he is the one who shines brightly, because of you. And that’s a keeper. :) Have you found your shining star yet? 与其不切实际的爱,倒不如找一个为你而光芒的爱。。他每个心跳,每个微笑,都因你而灿烂。在茫茫人海中,你找到属于你那颗星星了吗?

滿天星 唱/鄧養天
(English translation by me, specially for my English readers, cos’ I love u too heh)

A1           我           重複著 愛上同一個人          I have loved you over and over again
你的一切            我都想好好疼          All of you, I want to cherish
你           做的夢 能在現實誕生          The dreams you dream, will materialize
祇需等一等       我會完成                   You just need to wait, I’ll make them realized

B             肩膀的寬度       適度      能將你的淚截住          My shoulder will hold your tears
我輕聲說別哭別哭                               And I say my love, “Don’t cry, don’t cry”

C             保護著 守護著 都為了心愛的          It’s all for my love
為你安排幸福的時刻   豁出去了         I’ll stop at nothing, to give you happiness
平躺著 眼看著 滿天星開燈了              To have the stars light up the entire sky
我要我們不限於此刻   才能快樂         Our love is timeless
祇要是你要的  我全力配合                   I’ll do anything for you, my love

A2           我           認真的 祇愛你一個人        There’s no one for me but you
我已確認            為你甚麼都肯                        There’s nothing I won’t do for you
心           不準沉 救生圈我勝任                        I’m here whenever you need me
你過得安穩       我才安穩                                 Cos’ I am happy only if you are happy

Hong Kong – Tarzan Studio

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Tarzan Studio

Spotted this photography studio while street-walking along the very ‘colourful’ Mong Kok area…I wonder who goes there to get their photos taken…would you have your photo taken by a Tarzan Studio? My thoughts are running wild… ;p

Photography – 人情味 Human Touch

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People say Hong Kong is full of two things – people and neon signboards – which were aptly captured in a signboard I spotted at Yau Ma Tei. I was attracted by the many “人” (man)  on it. I used to be quite scared of the Hong Kong people cos’ they were curt and I was forever getting scolded at restaurants for being too slow in saying out my orders.

This has changed over time, and I have grown to love the boisterousness of the whole atmosphere; Hong Kongers are not rude by nature, they are just conditioned to operate in very quick-moving environments with little tolerance for indecisiveness which slows down their workflow. In fact, the people I have met on my recent trip were all very friendly, and I do not even get scolded for taking their photos – some even posing for me! I grow to love this country a little more with every trip here :)

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天啊。Oh sky.

Golden Pig at Avenue of Stars, Hong KongThis gold piggy at the Avenue of Stars clearly expressed the exasperation of tourists currently in Hong Kong…we have been here for 4 days, and it has rained for 4 days – where did all the water come from?! A very different Hong Kong, nonetheless filled with happy moments :)

imageA very ‘dramatic-looking’ Victoria Harbour

imageMorale of the story: when things don’t go your way, don’t sit around and mope…learn to dance in the rain instead, make merry & the most of your time! :)


A Rainy Hong Kong


I'm dreaming of sunny days

People say “贵人招风雨” (important people will bring with them rain – water is prosperity) which must be true cos’ it rained non-stop for two days when I arrived in Hong Kong :D It still couldn’t dampen my spirit to seek adventures in a country which I call my second home :)


It rained so much the rain warning changed from yellow(torrential rain) to red(heavy rain) to black(seriously heavy rain that you can don’t go to work – until it stops)within a night. The steps at the Mid-Levels escalator turned into mini-waterfalls lol. Yesh, we were out in the rain and taking in a scene we haven’t seen in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong, I’m glad to be back :)