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Brothers Ramen – A Singapore Ramen

Brothers RamenI love ramen, particularly how each Japanese province, and even noodle house, will have their own interpretation of the dish. My curiosity was piqued about how two Singaporean brothers – who first learnt how to cook ramen from Youtube videos – would present a localised version of one of Japan’s most popular dishes.

Brothers Ramen
The Cai brothers first started selling homemade cookies and ramen (what an odd combination) at a coffeeshop, before taking a year’s hiatus and re-opening as a ramen shop with an entirely new and improved recipe at International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar.

Brothers Ramen
It’s one of the first restaurants to have a self-ordering kiosk like the ones you see in Japan.

Brothers Ramen
You can pay by cash or Nets.

Brothers Ramen
The menu is kept simple with just 5 options, which is great cos’ I do not need to think too hard what to eat ;)

Brothers Ramen
Go for the set menu, it’s more worth it.

Brothers Ramen
The four-letter world caught my attention – FREE! :D Extra noodles, or kaedama, is usually offered at a charge at ramen shops, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is offered complimentary here. The noodles are also handmade daily at the shop, and I enjoy its medium-hard texture. It’s pretty awesome to have extra vegetables too! (Click click click… :p)

Brothers Ramen
After you are done ordering, simply step right in and find a seat. Look out for the number signage to see when your order is ready for collection at the counter. If the shop is not too busy (likely at night), they will serve you at the table.

Brothers Ramen
One of the brothers at work. Look at those beefy arms…I gotta start cooking ramen too. It must be the flipping action…lol

Brothers Ramen
What goes into a bowl of Brothers ramen
I can sense a lot of thought and effort being put into cooking a good bowl of ramen, tweaking until the combination is just right.

Brothers Ramen
Their slogan says it all – “Ramen from Our Heart.”

Brothers Ramen
The gyoza was slightly burnt, duh.

Brothers Ramen
I enjoyed the springy texture of the noodles and the broth made with pork, chicken, fish and vegetables (my friends found it a tad salty though). The chashu tasted more like ham than the usual meaty bite, so it’s a love-or-hate situation. Overall, it’s a decent effort from the young brothers to create a Singapore ramen. Gambatte! :)


10 Anson Road #01-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: 11:30AM to 2:30PM / 6:30PM to 8:30PM (Closed on Sundays)
Last order at 8:00PM
Tel: 9437 7267 (Weili)
Email: weili@bro-ramen.com
Website: www.bro-ramen.com
Facebook Page


Taiwan – Step into a candylicious fairytale at Cingjing’s Nina de Chocolate 妮娜巧克力工坊


Who can ever resist such pretty bonbons?

Tucked away in the picturesque mountains of Cingjing, Nina de Chocolate is a cute, little candy house making exquisite handmade chocolate bearing interesting flavours with locally-sourced ingredients such as Cingjing gooseberry, kaoliang liqueur and even Alishan wasabi.
Nina_02Located within Florence Resort Villa, Nina de Chocolate reminds one of a candy house found in a fairytale. It is one of the attractions in Cingjing, and people come here to buy their special handmade chocolates home or have tea.
Even their mode of transport is so cute!

The theme of the place is whimsical, and great for families with kids or just about anybody with a sweet tooth (dats me!).
Enjoy the cool air and have your chocolates at the outdoor terrace.
The chocolate atelier is maintained at an optimal 18 degrees celsius to ensure the best quality of chocolate, so if it gets too crowded, visitors are offered tea and invited to wait at the terrace for a short while.
Nina de Chocolate 妮娜巧克力工坊
With such delicious dessert, everyday is Christmas ;)
Nina de Chocolate was opened by the owners of Florence Resort Villa as a present for their daughter named Nina who loves chocolate, and Nina also means ‘girl’ in Spanish.
The interior of the shop is a cosy space with a retail area and chocolate DIY corner. All the girls were naturally attracted to the chocolate. The welcoming shop staff also offer you chocolate samplings *squealing with glee* :)
Nina de Chocolate uses Swiss Lindt and Belgium chocolate to ensure a smooth, rich taste and no preservatives are used. They creatively use locally-sourced ingredients such as gooseberry and red tea from Cingjing, wasabi from Alishan, Kaoliang wine, Taiwanese black sugar and peaches to create unique flavours.
Nina_09How do I resist this amazing spread – I want to try every single flavour! :p The chocolatier also offers seasonal flavours, do ask for them when you visit.
My eyes lit up when I saw the alcohol series; there’s cherry liqueur, blueberry liqueur and even rice wine flavour!
Their attractive packaging makes for awesome gifts to bring home. Do note they do not keep long as no preservatives are used, so only buy if you are travelling home within the next 3 days.
This is the lucky girl Nina :) By the way, the three Italian gondolas beside her are made of chocolate. They do not melt as the air in Cingjing is perennially cooling.
These attractive chocolate pops sure make attractive gifts to bring back home for visitors.
Nina_12These chocolate-coated nuts have a slightly longer shelf life, so you can buy them home. They are easy to pack in the luggage too ;)
These ink stamps are so Japanese-inspired!
The pretty chocolatier introducing the cocoa bean to us, and showing how to make a chocolate-coated gooseberry which was freshly plucked.

Showing us how chocolate is prepared
Nina_16What’s more special than simply visiting a shop to buy chocolates? We made our own at their DIY chocolate-making class. Classes are held daily and each session lasts about 2 hours with a maximum 15 pax. While you can register on the spot, the DIY classes are pretty popular with kids and groups, so I would encourage you to make an advance booking online if you can.
Nina_17Here’s my very own chocolate mold and decorative ingredients; time to unleash the Picasso in me :)
Nina_18After you are done with your designs, chocolate which was earlier prepared by the staff is poured into the mould and put into the refrigerator to cool for 15 minutes.
And viola – my masterpieces! :)
Nina_20Proudly showing off the fruits of our labour :) Nina_21
And we indulged in a chocolate feast to reward ourselves ;)
One of the most special flavours in the shop is this attractive pink-coloured one named Galaxy. Much like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, it is made up of cotton candy, strawberry crisp balls, Belgium white chocolate and…… jumping sweets which fizzles in your mouth!
Looking inside of Galaxy – Interesting flavour worth a try :)
Oooh…the kaoliang rice wine is oozing out of my chocolate! *hic*
Nina_24I love dark chocolate, and the 85% raw chocolate sent me to the moon. I can still remember the feeling of smooth, rich chocolate filling up my mouth. Mmmmmmm…sinful pleasures ;p
This green wasabi flavour is one of the shop’s most popular offerings – there were only three left! (And I ate two muahaha)
Nina_26Saying it with a chocolate – I LOVE it!
My master creations all wrapped up and ready to go home with me :)
Nina_28Nina de Chocolate is really a fairytale come true, cos’ we had so much fun and chocolate to last the entire trip – I felt like a child again :) Do drop by for a visit the next time you are in Cingjing!

Nina de Chocolate 妮娜巧克力工坊
Address: 南投縣仁愛鄉大同村榮光巷8之3號 (at Florence Resort Villa 佛羅倫斯民宿)
Tel: +886 (0)4 9280 2988
Opening hours: 9:00AM to 7:00PM
Website: http://www.nina-choc.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nina.chocolat

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What is Super Junior’s Choi Si-won looking at?

Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert
Hmmm…I wonder what cheeky Si-Won is looking at lol :D Caught Super Junior’s Super Show 6 during the May Day holiday and it was much fun. The boys delivered 3.5 hours of solid entertainment during their 6th world tour concert, delivering their signature dance numbers, ballads, hilarious banter (Tonight I go to your room”) as well as a Frozen Elsa costume parade much to the delight of the mainly female audience.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertHeechul showed off his drumming skills during the start of the show – he looked so suave and hearts fluttered together with his wavy hair.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertOh, Donghae you look so cool!

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertThe boys’ impersonation of Elsa from Disney’s hit animation Frozen left the audience in stitches. There’s Eunhyuk as “Elsa Jackson”, Kyuhyun as “Big Elsa” (check out his humongous blonde wig!) and Heechul was SO convincing as Princess Anna I thought he was a girl! :p

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertI think the boys had fun during their wacky parade which left me wondering “What just happened?!?” Kudos for being so sporty.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertLeetuk was a muscular “ElSapphire Blue” trying to hold his/her boobies in place.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertOh Donghae, you make a plain T-shirt and jeans look like a million bucks :)

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertSi-won the luminous (literally!) poster boy of the group

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertHeechul, Eunhyuk and Leetuk

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertEven their serious look is so cute heh

Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert

Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertGood to see the boys enjoying themselves, and it’s no wonder they can hold their fame for 10 years. I am sure they have many more good years to come, and I am looking forward to Super Show 7 :)