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Getting started…

I have wanted to start a blog as far as I can remember. What if I don’t have interesting things to share? What if people think my posts are boring? I can hardly understand HTML to create a decent webpage! The perfectionist in me tsked-tsked and self- depreciating thoughts ran…

And then came the blog name – I needed something which truly represented me (so no “sexychick”, “hotbabe”), and one that won’t embarrass me 10 years down the road (think “babygirl”, “SweetYoungThing”). After countless permutations from nearly-unpronounceable French words, cutesy monikers to near-tragic names, I finally settled on this one: “SPUNKTITUDE

What’s spunktitude? Straight from the dictionary (yes it’s a real word)

An angel of a good friend Darren suggested I change the ‘e’ to a ‘3’ for that added kick-ass cool attitude. He’s also the one who egged me on to start a proper blog – I have been hibernating on Tumblr since I am quite lazy to write a full blog post :p I was going to procrastinate a bit longer thinking of the blog design, figuring our WordPress until I read Darren’s latest blog post “Expired before Admired” (yeah, Darren’s a celebrated blogger – pun intended cos’ his blog is called “Celebrate Life Lah!”). Hence “tA-dA” – I threw caution to the wind and here’s my first blog post. :)

Life’s short, so I intend to share all things fun – truthfully and sincerely. Meaning no politically-correct statements (if it sucks – it sucks), no hard-sell, no gimmicks, no push-ups. Just lots of fun and crap :-D Hope you enjoy reading my adventures as much as I did experiencing them.

And now to figure out those HTML, widgets and what-nought…