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Musings – Dirty Job, Cleaning Stunt

Marina Bay Sands cleaning

Modern-day Spiderman?

I was sauntering across the link bridge from Marina Bay Sands Hotel to Gardens by the Bay, admiring the scenery when I almost jumped out of my skin to see a man plastered on the building’s glass panes as I turned my head to the side. We must be about 10 storeys above street level! With urbanization, most buildings opt for glass façades for a modern feel. The cleaning though – is not easy at all; cleaners such as this Indian have to risk their lives to do their jobs.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
I got cold feet just looking at the height, much less to don on a harness and scale down the building.

Some of us complain incessantly about our air-conditioned office jobs. Before I do that now, I will remember our humble high-rise building cleaners, how some of them left their homes to find work, and risk their lives doing such a tedious job that no one wants to do – just to provide better lives for their families. One tip I took away from this brief encounter – Crocs are great on slippery surfaces. :)

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Pearls of Wisdom – What are Friends for


Saw these cute teddies from chum Darren’s Instagram feed and made me think of him…he’s been traveling in Korea for the past week, and life’s a bit boring without him around. Luckily, his frequent cam-whoring has been keeping me well-entertained ;)


I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance :D
Life’s been pretty adventurous and fun since knowing Darren; we experience lots of things together. We quarrel like crazy too, but we know at the end of the day, we have each other’s best interests at heart. Compared to fair-weather friends, I’ll have this fella who drives me nuts at times – anytime. Life’s far from perfect, neither will friends be. You just have to choose those who truly care about you, and overlook the little nuances.

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Cute Kitty

Cute Cat

“Can someone help me press Level 5, purrrese?”
Bumped into our cute resident kitty at the lift, and she sauntered in, plonked herself down and refused to come out.


It was only when the doors started closing that her eyes grew bigger and quickly scurried out. LOL. Such are the little joys of life which literally cross your path to bring a smile to your day. I rewarded her with some treats and a tummy rub.

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Assholes – A Theory

Assholes - A Theory

My friend Claire chanced by this at the bookstore. With a title like this, it would be hard not to notice. And it’s on sale! She bought the book :)

“I figured that if someone could take the trouble to write about assholes, then maybe I should spare some time to read about it..”

Contrary to the initial thought that this would be another attention-seeking satirical title whining about everything under the sun, the author takes a philosophical approach to analyse why a person acts as such, introducing concepts to help us better understand such behaviour and think constructively about how to handle theses morons. It’s interesting that the author says most of the assholes are likely to be men, considering he is a male himself. I am now more inclined to believe what he says :)

The main takeaway of this book is for the reader to get a better sense of when an asshole is best resisted, and when he is best ignored. In other words, evaluate if the battle is even worth fighting for. Afterall, the only person feeling miserable may be you, while the asshole gloats about achieving his agenda and goes about gallivanting and making a nuisance of himself. Over the years, I have learnt to let go of a lot of unwanted anger & frustration, and age (not that I am THAT old) has taught me that sometimes, it’s not about winning or being right…it’s about taking an objective view of the situation on hand and ascertaining if the person is even worth your time, or if he/she matters enough for you to let it slide.

In life, it’s not so much about being right, but more about the importance of that relationship that you want to keep, and your peace of mind. I always evaluate with the peace in my heart.

I’m pretty intrigued to read the book (I should ask Claire what she thought of it). We can now know all about assholes for only US$14.60 via Amazon.com, and guess what – you can also find out all about Bullshit and Truth as a bundle package! :D What an interesting world we live in…:)

Image: Amazon.com

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Ask me for the moon

Church of St Xavier MalaccaI gaze upon the night-lit sky
Onto a moon so round and bright
Ten thousand miles apart
I can see its beauty
I can feel you
Basking under the same moonlight

Its glistening whiteness
Reminds how you have brightened my life
Of the smiles you bring
Of the wisdom you impart
Of the care you so freely give
It makes me wonder
Are you my angel?

You make my heart flutter
You make it go pitter-patter
Taking tiny steps closer towards you

There’s nothing I will not do
Just to be with you
Ask me for the moon
And I will give it to you

Photo: Church of St. Francis Xavier, Malacca