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Photography – Feline Portrait

Portrait of a FelineWith that intense gaze, this kitty could be the feline version of Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl. In actuality, she was wary of foreign intrusion in the form of a nosy visitor (me). All rightey kitty, the alley is yours.


Photo of the Day – CATitude

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Caught sight of this cute kitten happily napping in a basket of papayas in my neighbourhood.


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Cute Kitty

This cute kitty was the first thing that greeted me as I walked into the pet shop. I was attracted to her tiger-esque stripes, lemon-coloured eyes and elegant gait (or what we would call “gay-lek” in Malay). And then she stood up to drink water. It was a simple act, but she looked oh-so-cute I went snappy-happy. If only I could gather so much excitement when I drank water too. Heh. She would make a good real-life Puss in Boots.

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Cute Kitty

Cute Cat

“Can someone help me press Level 5, purrrese?”
Bumped into our cute resident kitty at the lift, and she sauntered in, plonked herself down and refused to come out.


It was only when the doors started closing that her eyes grew bigger and quickly scurried out. LOL. Such are the little joys of life which literally cross your path to bring a smile to your day. I rewarded her with some treats and a tummy rub.