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I love Taiwan 我爱台湾!

Railway Jumpshot at Yilan Railway

Been travelling around Taiwan for a week now, and having the time of my life! I have seen so many new sights, made new friends and tasted so many local delicacies, I wanna leap for joy!

Hello Taiwan, it’s good to be back here :) Join me on my adventures ‘live’ on Instagram (www.instagram.com/spunktitud3) and Twitter (www.spunktitud3.com)

Explore Taiwan with Spunktitud3!

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Photography – A Friendly Face

Singapore Botanic Gardens - A Friendly Face

Was on my evening walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens when I saw this happy pair jogging in my direction. I wanted to discreetly capture them, but this lovely gentleman noticed me and promptly waved. He made my day :) If only the world was full of friendly people like him!