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Photography – A Friendly Face

Singapore Botanic Gardens - A Friendly Face

Was on my evening walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens when I saw this happy pair jogging in my direction. I wanted to discreetly capture them, but this lovely gentleman noticed me and promptly waved. He made my day :) If only the world was full of friendly people like him!


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Rainbow and her toy

Rainbow and her toy

I hate those eyes, they make me do anything for the little brat. Super love her brows too..they give such a hilariously curious expression, you find it absolutely hard to get angry with her. She loves playing with her stinky soft toy, and I run whenever she brings it to me and tries to put it on my lap. Still, she is the best way to spend a lazy day with, cos’ she has a high entertainment factor !

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Joy is one of the most intelligent and devoted dogs I have seen. Unlike her name, she’s a sourpuss and very quiet compared to the hyper-active Rainbow. She is, however, fiercely loyal and a keen observer – meaning she knows when to take her chances :)
She loves burrowing into D’s bed to snooze, and this particular shot came by when she surfaced from the blankets to check out what we were laughing about – and promptly fell asleep again.


She brings much joy to D and is a great companion for him. I thought this was a pretty nice portrait of the gal. She’s about 14 years old by now, but still as fiesty – and horny – as ever. And responds to the speed of lightning to food.


Lucky Teddy

Teddy Toy Poodle

I chanced upon Teddy during one of my evening walks at the park. He was happily sitting in the basket while his owner was doing his pull-ups nearby, and I was drawn to his joyful state of being.

Teddy Toy Poodle

“Who is this strange aunty pointing a pink camera at me?”

Teddy Toy Poodle

Teddy is a two year-old toy poodle who is much loved by his owner. His owner saw me taking photos of Teddy and came by to chat with me (phew, for a while I though he was going to scold me for taking photos). I could tell how much he doted on Teddy by hearing him gush about Teddy’s intelligence, making sure he brings Teddy out for walks daily so he doesn’t get bored and how his whole family showers Teddy with love.

Teddy Toy Poodle

I could also tell that Teddy knows how to reciprocate his owner’s abundant love through his soulful eyes.

Teddy Toy Poodle

I felt a little jealous seeing how Teddy looked at his owner. The only instance Rainbow looks at me this intently, is when I have a bunch of treats on my hand. Damn.

Teddy Toy Poodle

It’s a dog life
Who ever said it’s tough being a dog?? I think Teddy lives even better than me! LOL Hope to see you again cutie, keep smiling :)

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I luv u Rainbow

I Luv u Rainbow

Spending time with the little rascal always makes me very happy. She’s very licky and fond of giving me free facials to the point my face smells of her drool, but it’s hard to resist her enthusiam. It feels nice when she snuggles up on my lap while I type away…and falls asleep like a baby. Guess I am as cuddly as a giant pillow. Time to diet, sighz.

I luv u Rainbow

I luv u Rainbow…Kiss Kiss!
And u better not give me pimples on my face…