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Gold Coast: A tick off the bucket list – Skydiving!

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Skydiving in Gold Coast
I don’t even dare to take the rides at theme parks, so I don’t know how I found the courage for this impulse purchase – a skydive! My travel partner has been wanting to skydive for a long time, but everytime he was booked to do one, it rained. So he was understandly excited when he saw skydiving being one of the suggested activities in hotel guide at Halcyon House. Fate has it that Mauro, the hotel’s charismatic General Manager, was just as enthusiastic about skydiving, and promptly booked us for a skydive with Gold Coast Skydive.

Skydiving in Gold Coast
Fear didn’t strike me until the moment they suited me up and got on the plane.
Me: Is this the height we gonna jump?
My tandem partner Tom: Nope, this is only 3,000 feet, and we are going to jump at 12,000 feet. This is only a quarter of the height we gonna jump.
At that moment, I was praying real hard. What da f*** did I just get myself into, I said to myself.

The scariest moment of my life came when we started to jump one by one. There was no turning back.

Skydiving in Gold Coast
I SURVIVED! Gosh, I am so proud of myself LOL.
Skydiving in Gold Coast
The freefall was quite cool, and I felt like Superman. Tom was awesome and uber experienced, and made it more fun.
Skydiving in Gold Coast
Taking a moment to enjoy the scenery from above. I got to control the parachute for a while, though I got a little dizzy from the spinning when you pulled only on one side.
Skydiving in Gold Coast
My first thought when I landed on the beach: “I’m hungry.” Good, I am back to normal LOL. The parting humor at the skydive centre left a smile on my face. No doubt this would be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I am SO happy I checked this off my bucket list! :)
Skydiving in Gold Coast

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One thought on “Gold Coast: A tick off the bucket list – Skydiving!

  1. That is inspirational. Maybe I should give it a try too despite my fear of heights. Because if Spunktitud3 can do it, so can I!

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