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Humor – Monkey Business

Monkey Business“Are they talking about me? I don’t look like this!”

Seen on Coney Island, Singapore
The monkeys there are quite bold to approach humans, so be careful about going near to them. They are fun to watch from a distance nonetheless :)

Best Photobomb Ever!

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Best Photobomb Ever

“Dude, I am your father.”
A hilarious moment taken at the 6th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – what are the chances you will get photo bombed by Darth Vader? lol :D


Fun – Only in Japan…

It was a relaxing stroll along the streets of Sapporo. Until I saw this signboard and did a double-take at what’s on Level 4. Only in Japan, baby.

The Japanese definitely has a very interesting approach towards the use of English words, with young girls happily wearing T-shirts sporting less-than-desirable words like b**** and sl** across the chest. I scratch my head and wonder if they really understand the meaning behind the words? Then again, if it’s an attention-grabbing stunt, I think they succeeded.

Cock Grease

Apparently it doesn’t stop at signboards – we had a good laugh when my friend brought this hair wax home from Japan. I must say it made a good present – but only to friends with a sense of humour ;) Another friend bought a cat sharpener which meows when a pencil is stuck inside. The sharpener is at the butt area. I couldn’t forget these 2 presents. Sure beats any keychain or postcard!
Photo: Cock Grease Hair Pomade

And guess what – they have one for the ladies too! LOL
At a loss for words for such creative marketing, but they sure are interesting gifts to make the day :)