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What is Super Junior’s Choi Si-won looking at?

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Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert
Hmmm…I wonder what cheeky Si-Won is looking at lol :D Caught Super Junior’s Super Show 6 during the May Day holiday and it was much fun. The boys delivered 3.5 hours of solid entertainment during their 6th world tour concert, delivering their signature dance numbers, ballads, hilarious banter (Tonight I go to your room”) as well as a Frozen Elsa costume parade much to the delight of the mainly female audience.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertHeechul showed off his drumming skills during the start of the show – he looked so suave and hearts fluttered together with his wavy hair.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertOh, Donghae you look so cool!

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertThe boys’ impersonation of Elsa from Disney’s hit animation Frozen left the audience in stitches. There’s Eunhyuk as “Elsa Jackson”, Kyuhyun as “Big Elsa” (check out his humongous blonde wig!) and Heechul was SO convincing as Princess Anna I thought he was a girl! :p

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertI think the boys had fun during their wacky parade which left me wondering “What just happened?!?” Kudos for being so sporty.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertLeetuk was a muscular “ElSapphire Blue” trying to hold his/her boobies in place.

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertOh Donghae, you make a plain T-shirt and jeans look like a million bucks :)

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertSi-won the luminous (literally!) poster boy of the group

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertHeechul, Eunhyuk and Leetuk

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertEven their serious look is so cute heh

Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert

Super Junior 6 Singapore Concert

Super Junior 6 Singapore ConcertGood to see the boys enjoying themselves, and it’s no wonder they can hold their fame for 10 years. I am sure they have many more good years to come, and I am looking forward to Super Show 7 :)

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