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Brothers Ramen – A Singapore Ramen

Brothers RamenI love ramen, particularly how each Japanese province, and even noodle house, will have their own interpretation of the dish. My curiosity was piqued about how two Singaporean brothers – who first learnt how to cook ramen from Youtube videos – would present a localised version of one of Japan’s most popular dishes.

Brothers Ramen
The Cai brothers first started selling homemade cookies and ramen (what an odd combination) at a coffeeshop, before taking a year’s hiatus and re-opening as a ramen shop with an entirely new and improved recipe at International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar.

Brothers Ramen
It’s one of the first restaurants to have a self-ordering kiosk like the ones you see in Japan.

Brothers Ramen
You can pay by cash or Nets.

Brothers Ramen
The menu is kept simple with just 5 options, which is great cos’ I do not need to think too hard what to eat ;)

Brothers Ramen
Go for the set menu, it’s more worth it.

Brothers Ramen
The four-letter world caught my attention – FREE! :D Extra noodles, or kaedama, is usually offered at a charge at ramen shops, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is offered complimentary here. The noodles are also handmade daily at the shop, and I enjoy its medium-hard texture. It’s pretty awesome to have extra vegetables too! (Click click click… :p)

Brothers Ramen
After you are done ordering, simply step right in and find a seat. Look out for the number signage to see when your order is ready for collection at the counter. If the shop is not too busy (likely at night), they will serve you at the table.

Brothers Ramen
One of the brothers at work. Look at those beefy arms…I gotta start cooking ramen too. It must be the flipping action…lol

Brothers Ramen
What goes into a bowl of Brothers ramen
I can sense a lot of thought and effort being put into cooking a good bowl of ramen, tweaking until the combination is just right.

Brothers Ramen
Their slogan says it all – “Ramen from Our Heart.”

Brothers Ramen
The gyoza was slightly burnt, duh.

Brothers Ramen
I enjoyed the springy texture of the noodles and the broth made with pork, chicken, fish and vegetables (my friends found it a tad salty though). The chashu tasted more like ham than the usual meaty bite, so it’s a love-or-hate situation. Overall, it’s a decent effort from the young brothers to create a Singapore ramen. Gambatte! :)


10 Anson Road #01-20 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: 11:30AM to 2:30PM / 6:30PM to 8:30PM (Closed on Sundays)
Last order at 8:00PM
Tel: 9437 7267 (Weili)
Email: weili@bro-ramen.com
Website: www.bro-ramen.com
Facebook Page


Uma Uma Ramen: Delightful broth from the Horse’s Mouth

Uma Uma Ramen

I love eating ramen. It’s a simple bowl of noodles, yet there’s so many methods of cooking it. Did you know there are over 26 types of ramen representing different parts of Japan (Source: Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum) – it’s practically a cultural emblem!

One ramen shop which I have been wanting to try since it opened in July 2012 is Uma Uma Ramen in Orchard Road. News of snaking queues, being sold out within hours and crazy waiting times kept me away until recently when I mustered up the courage to embark on my gourmet pilgrimage. Its popularity is no surprise since the famed Fukuoka ramen chain with 60 years of history was brought in by the people behind one of Singapore’s top restaurants Iggy’s. They also own the high-end Kaiseki restaurant Yoshiyuki just below Uma Uma Ramen.

Uma Uma Ramen

Established in 1953 in Fukuoka, Uma Uma Ramen’s name stems from “Wu Maru”. Upon taking over his father’s business in 1994, Masahiko Teshima renamed it “Uma Uma Ramen”; a play on the original name of the restaurant as well as a pun on the Japanese word for “tasty”.

Uma Uma Ramen’s menu is far from superfluous – they have a succinct list, and do every dish well. They have a kind heart too – the noodle house recently celebrated their first anniversary by donating S$2 for every bowl of ramen sold to ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations) for a month.

Uma Uma Ramen

Uma Uma Ramen serves Hakata-style ramen which is considered one of Japan’s top three styles of ramen (along with Tokyo and Sapporo).

Hakata is a city in the Kyushu region of Japan which has since been renamed Fukuoka. Two key characteristics of its ramen are thin-style noodles which are boiled very quickly (claimed to be created for the impatient Hakata child); and a soup made primarily with pork bones cooked over a long time (tonkotsu) to release the bone marrow into the broth, giving it its richness. The customer can also choose the hardness of the noodles according to one’s likings.

Uma Uma Ramen

I went for a very enjoyable Bushi Tonkotsu Ramen made of bonito flakes, chasu, white onions, bamboo shoots, egg, red ginger and a very refreshing lime. It was so good.

A 3rd characteristic of Hakata ramen is the practice of Kaedama (替え玉) where still-hungry customers can order a second serving of noodles for the same bowl of soup. Noodle portions are kept small so you can eat them with the optimal hardness. I wasn’t able to order Kaedama because…

Uma Uma Ramen

The soup broth was SO good I slurped it all up to the last drop!! Burp. *satisfied*

Uma Uma Ramen
583 Orchard Road #01-41/42/43
Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Nearest MRT: Orchard
Tel: +65 6235 0855

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11:30am – 3:00pm
Tues to Fri: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Sat, Sun and PH: 11:30am – 10:00pm