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Fun – Only in Japan…

It was a relaxing stroll along the streets of Sapporo. Until I saw this signboard and did a double-take at what’s on Level 4. Only in Japan, baby.

The Japanese definitely has a very interesting approach towards the use of English words, with young girls happily wearing T-shirts sporting less-than-desirable words like b**** and sl** across the chest. I scratch my head and wonder if they really understand the meaning behind the words? Then again, if it’s an attention-grabbing stunt, I think they succeeded.

Cock Grease

Apparently it doesn’t stop at signboards – we had a good laugh when my friend brought this hair wax home from Japan. I must say it made a good present – but only to friends with a sense of humour ;) Another friend bought a cat sharpener which meows when a pencil is stuck inside. The sharpener is at the butt area. I couldn’t forget these 2 presents. Sure beats any keychain or postcard!
Photo: Cock Grease Hair Pomade

And guess what – they have one for the ladies too! LOL
At a loss for words for such creative marketing, but they sure are interesting gifts to make the day :)