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Getting started…


I have wanted to start a blog as far as I can remember. What if I don’t have interesting things to share? What if people think my posts are boring? I can hardly understand HTML to create a decent webpage! The perfectionist in me tsked-tsked and self- depreciating thoughts ran…

And then came the blog name – I needed something which truly represented me (so no “sexychick”, “hotbabe”), and one that won’t embarrass me 10 years down the road (think “babygirl”, “SweetYoungThing”). After countless permutations from nearly-unpronounceable French words, cutesy monikers to near-tragic names, I finally settled on this one: “SPUNKTITUDE

What’s spunktitude? Straight from the dictionary (yes it’s a real word)

An angel of a good friend Darren suggested I change the ‘e’ to a ‘3’ for that added kick-ass cool attitude. He’s also the one who egged me on to start a proper blog – I have been hibernating on Tumblr since I am quite lazy to write a full blog post :p I was going to procrastinate a bit longer thinking of the blog design, figuring our WordPress until I read Darren’s latest blog post “Expired before Admired” (yeah, Darren’s a celebrated blogger – pun intended cos’ his blog is called “Celebrate Life Lah!”). Hence “tA-dA” – I threw caution to the wind and here’s my first blog post. :)

Life’s short, so I intend to share all things fun – truthfully and sincerely. Meaning no politically-correct statements (if it sucks – it sucks), no hard-sell, no gimmicks, no push-ups. Just lots of fun and crap :-D Hope you enjoy reading my adventures as much as I did experiencing them.

And now to figure out those HTML, widgets and what-nought…


Author: spunktitud3

A little post by a fun-loving spunky gal in love with the quirky, the artsy and anything which inspires new creations. Read about her adventures on: spunktitud3.wordpress.com

7 thoughts on “Getting started…

  1. Blog names can be such a pain, yes. Especially after friends find out about your heretofore anonymous blog named “sexywithmapantson2”.

    Ach, the shame.

    • Hey Rindo! Congrats for being one of the first to drop by my new blog – Thanks v much! Yeah, you know exactly what I mean with names which can’t see the light 10 years down the road, sexypants ;) I’m pretty pleased with what I picked, and think I can live with my blog name for the next 10 years! Do drop by my blog again soon, will aim to crap update regularly ;)

  2. hwah… first post only so power! :)

    • I am but a small fry in the pond when compared to you my dear! heh heh… Thanks for the encouragement, you are the one who kicked my ass to get me going. Definitely looking forward to more great times & crazy adventures with you xoxo

  3. Well done babe! I have a blog but damn no time for it now haha! Love the name too!! Looking forward to more posts from you! Xoxo!

    • Heehee, see how long I can sustain this! So far it’s been addictive and fun, but yeah a lot of hard work! Hope I can bring joy to my readers out there like you. :)

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