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Photography – Shy Little Blooms

Flora Macro

A shy little bloom caught my eye. From the looks of it, I am quite sure it will blossom into a brilliant floral burst. Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that brings us much continuous joy.

Flora Macro

Cheery little ones, come out and play!

Flora Macro

Cactus Flower

Flower Macro

Twin Happiness


Photography – Tiny Bursts of Yellow

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Flora Macro

This flora bloom reminds me of fireworks, bursting open at different times to form an interesting moving work of art. How very pretty! Life should also be as such, peppered with little, happy things which make our mundane day special.


Photography: Yellow Flora Macro

Had my first try at macro photography…not bad at all! Practising with stationary flora first before progressing to moving insects…when’s the mating season? Haha *cheeky*

Yellow Flower Macro Photography

My fave of the lot; it’s so vibrant, so full of life in contrast with the duller green leaves in the background

Yellow Flora Macro Photography

This feels like the Alps with the silver leaves

Yellow Flora Macro Photography

Little bursts of yellow

Yellow Flora Macro Photography

A bright sunny bloom always makes me happy!

This is fun! More to come…:)


Look of the Day – Colour Me Fluorescent 2

My chum D recently called me a ‘bad influence’ of all things luminous, so this is my response to him. This is for you D, …try beating this ‘walking highlight’ look *GRIN*

Look of the Day - Colour me Flourescent 2

Look of the Day – Colour me Flourescent 2!
Neon Yellow Top & Bright Turquoise skirt: Pleats Please by Issey Miyake
Neon Orange Inner Piece: From Osaka

Look of the Day - Colour Me Fluorescent 2

Matching the colours of my highlighters!

Look of the Day - Colour Me Fluorescent 2

WISH Rings: Topshop
Neon pink diamante Bracelet: Accessorize
Neon pink & green Watches: Daiso (only $2!)
Studded Shoes: Louboutin

Look of the Day - Colour Me Fluorescent 2

This is absolutely hilarious – the exact colour scheme as chum D, and it wasn’t intentional! We should go out together wearing these – we will literally brighten the streets! LOL