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Spikes Cap

This came to me all the way from France. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package – I had a good laugh! I can imagine the amusement on my friends’ faces when they saw the cap. Somehow, when friends buy presents for me, they go for the ‘who-on-earth-would-wear-that‘ category. And true enough, I have been eyeing this K-pop inspired studded cap for a while but haven’t gotten around to buying it.

It’s little gifts like this that makes me so very happy, that I have friends halfway round the globe who remember me, care for me and know what I will like. We get to meet at most only once a year, so thank God for Facebook and awesome friends like these – they make me want to run away and join the circus, or their light art compagnie in this instance :D

Merci beaucoup mes amis, je l’aime! I miss all of you so much! plein de bises xoxo