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Australia – Whale Watching in Sydney

Sydney Whale WatchingDuring June to November, the whale watching season in Australia, whales such as the humpback and orca migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctica up to the warm temperate waters of Australia to give birth. About 20,000 whales pass by the waters of Australia during this period, and I took the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature up close during my trip to Sydney.Sydney Whale WatchingWhile you can watch the whales on numerous land-based vantage points in NSW national parks, I opted to join a 2-hour Adventure Cruise to increase my chances of spotting them in the deep blue sea.

Sydney Whale WatchingAfter seeing the promotional images, who could ever resist such an opportunity? I opted for the smaller speed boat as it can go faster than cruise ships and the open deck would allow whale watching from all angles. But with agility, also meant smaller size boat and a speed ride that could rival Universal Studio’s. I was clinging to a pole like a koala bear most of the time, and your camera shutter speed has to be at least 1/1000s to be able to minimize blurred photos.
(Source: Whale Watching Sydney)Sydney Whale WatchingWe started off our adventure from Darling Harbour. We were lucky to have good weather, and a nice view Sydney’s skyline.

Sydney Whale Watching
And off we go! *big smile*

Sydney Whale WatchingSydney Harbour BridgeSydney Whale WatchingSpotted a lot of people at the park on a nice, sunny weekend afternoon

Sydney Whale WatchingHeart of the Sydney Business DistrictSydney Whale WatchingThe iconic Sydney Opera House

Sydney Whale WatchingBlow, wind blow. Look how blue the water is! :)Sydney Whale WatchingTime for some sailing stunts. I would love to have a house here…

Sydney Whale WatchingSpotting the candy-striped Hornby Lighthouse at Watsons Bay got me all excited – I remember walking the South Head Heritage trail just few months ago :) It’s also a whale watching vantage point. I will be back…Sydney Whale WatchingHere we are in the open sea! I was just griping about how small and rocky our little speedboat was until I saw this open boat/dinghy – I think I would have peed in my pants if the whale came up just in front of me.

Sydney Whale WatchingAnd the waiting game begins…according to our guide, the easiest way to spot a whale is to look for spouts/blows made by the whale, and a greenish shape in the water as the whale emerges (can you spot that in the photo?). Did you know the blow is distinctive to each whale species – humpback (tall, column-shaped blow); orca (bushy shaped); gray (heart-shaped!). The mammal can stay underwater for as long as 10 minutes, so you have to be verrry patient.

Sydney Whale WatchingErm guys, look behind you!! *the tail waves hello*

Sydney Whale WatchingThis was the best I could get on my virgin whale watching adventure. I didn’t even get to see your face, and I didn’t know what I actually saw until I went home to check – a rare albino humpback whale. This would be my second amazing milestone made in Sydney – the first being catching the New Years Eve fireworks : )

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Look of the Day – Today’s Catch

Look of the Day - Today's Catch

I feel like a Vogue cover girl muahaha :D
Neon fishnet jersey dress – Shop in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Polka dot denim shorts – Forever 21


Lobster Hairband – Bangkok
Sunnies – DOlce & Gabanna


Bracelet – Vintage Hollywood


Jelly shoes – Juju




Me and the cover boy :)


In Maldives, rainbows seem to be a daily affair



Here’s to new friendship! :)

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Gaya Island Resort – Romancing Sunset

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

At a loss for words. For once.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Best way to take in Sabah’s breathtaking natural scenes?
Go on board the Lumba-Lumba & catch the best sunset of a lifetime

One of the most memorable experiences Darren & I had at Gaya Island Resort was on board a yatch. No resort getaway would be complete without a romantic sunset cruise, so I determinedly pestered him to go on one. Our ‘ dream carriage’ came in the form of a private 64-foot Princess yacht, Lumba-Lumba (even the name sounds so whimsical!).

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Big bright smiles in anticipation of a gorgeous sunset

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

We had a majestic view of sunrise over Mount Kinabalu from the resort, so we had to go around the island to view the equally spectacular sunset just behind the hill. Doesn’t the resort look like a natural sanctuary nestled amongst the lush greenery?

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Interior of the Lumba-Lumba outfitted by Louis Vuitton
Melissa, seen in the photo, was ever-so-friendly and kindly showed us around this mini palace. It was so well-equipped it could pass off as a real living room!

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Can you think of anything more romantic than lying on your bed and gazing at the stars with a loved one? *swoon*
Lumba-Lumba has a total of 4 cabins that can accommodate 8 guests. The main suite comes with an attached bathroom and skylight for stargazing.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Welcome to my living room! For 5 minutes. Duh.
It was so comfortable and cool I was reluctant to peel myself off the couch.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Eagerly moving towards the golden sun
This was one of the rare times I forgot all about freckles and embraced the sunshine in front of me

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Greek God basking in the sun
Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? What a sight for sore eyes, what a treat! ;)

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Meanwhile I attempted to masquerade as the figurehead maiden found on the ship’s bow
Lucky the boat didn’t tip forward from severe weight imbalance.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Panoramic view of the horizon
Going on the sunset cruise is definitely one of the best ways to take in Sabah’s natural wonders, from the majestic Mount Kinabalu, untouched lush rainforests and the great expanse of the South China Sea. No words can do enough justice to the ethereal experience.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Speechless. Brilliant. Jaw-dropping.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Perfect setting for honeymooners
This intimate scene of a sweet pair of Australian newlyweds admiring the opulent sunset looked so surreal.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

The sun transitioned into a warmer hue as it prepared to bow out for the day. And what cute cloud formations!

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Choose to admire the sunset on the upper deck if you prefer shade, or like us – laze on the deck and feel the breeze caress our faces. And cam-whore.
Free flow of drinks (wine, soft drinks) and nuts to nibble are served throughout the 1.5hour cruise. The sunset cruise is offered only on Tuesdays and Fridays, and strictly takes up to 12 guests at a time, so do book early with the concierge. It’s worth the RM250 per pax.
For an even more indulgent experience, you can charter the entire yacht for a private dinner and do some star gazing. Or negotiate with the owner to book it overnight and start procreating for the newly weds *wink*

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

The sun gets playful with peeka-boo!

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

As the sun hid behind the fluffy clouds, it looked as if a magical kingdom had materialised right before our eyes. I half-expected a dragon to fly out of it any time.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

What a dramatic sky. Nature’s canvas was so opulent it’s quite impossible to take a bad photo.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Transitioning into hues of pink and purple

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Dusk finally set in, and it was time to head back to the resort. I felt like I had just been to a theatrical performance, where the stage was the vast horizon and the sun the lead dancer, keeping me transfixed with every minute that passed.

Sunset Cruise at Gaya Island Resort

Definitely a day to remember for a long time to come
It was a short 1.5 hours, but to us it felt like eternity cos’ we simply lost track of time, wanting to prolong every moment. The sunset was just indescribable; it was so mesmerizing we could not take our eyes off it, just like a ravishing beauty. Its ever-changing hues and appearance kept us anticipating for more, ooh-ing & ahhh-ing by the minute. If only a man would describe me in the same way, I would die a very happy dame. Damn.

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