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Look of the Day – Today’s Catch

Look of the Day - Today's Catch

I feel like a Vogue cover girl muahaha :D
Neon fishnet jersey dress – Shop in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Polka dot denim shorts – Forever 21


Lobster Hairband – Bangkok
Sunnies – DOlce & Gabanna


Bracelet – Vintage Hollywood


Jelly shoes – Juju




Me and the cover boy :)


In Maldives, rainbows seem to be a daily affair



Here’s to new friendship! :)

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Rainbow and her toy

Rainbow and her toy

I hate those eyes, they make me do anything for the little brat. Super love her brows too..they give such a hilariously curious expression, you find it absolutely hard to get angry with her. She loves playing with her stinky soft toy, and I run whenever she brings it to me and tries to put it on my lap. Still, she is the best way to spend a lazy day with, cos’ she has a high entertainment factor !

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I luv u Rainbow

I Luv u Rainbow

Spending time with the little rascal always makes me very happy. She’s very licky and fond of giving me free facials to the point my face smells of her drool, but it’s hard to resist her enthusiam. It feels nice when she snuggles up on my lap while I type away…and falls asleep like a baby. Guess I am as cuddly as a giant pillow. Time to diet, sighz.

I luv u Rainbow

I luv u Rainbow…Kiss Kiss!
And u better not give me pimples on my face…


The Little Monster

Rainbow the Little Rascal

The Little Monster
Species: Foodgasauraus

Traits: Hyper-active, absolute rascal and responds only to food. Eyes are firmly locked in once target has been identified, and will resort to acting cute, giving Puss-in-boots sparkly eyes, nudging and whining to gets its way. Devours almost anything that comes in its way, except chairs and tables.
The little rascal’s name is Rainbow :)