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Photography – I see fireworks!

Fireworks 2013

After months of procrastination and deliberation, I finally bought my very first DSLR Nikon D7100 (which I have lovingly named Nikky). And immediately went to shoot fireworks! Not a very smart move, since fireworks photography is one of the more challenging subjects to shoot. Since it’s not everyday that you get fireworks to shoot, I threw caution to the wind and what the heck – just try and see what I get! I think it must be beginner’s luck – I got so many nice shots, I was over the moon! And I am glad to have really, really good mentors :)


I learnt how to do image overlay so that I can get a nice, blue sky to go with the fireworks (instead of the usual black sky), and only Nikon cameras have that function. You can read more about it here. It’s extremely easy to use, and fun! Now you can create a photo that is truly your own without and photo editing software.

I can’t wait to bring Nikky out for more adventures…he’s gonna go everywhere with me, eat with me, sleep with me, travel with me…
The only thing is that he is a tad chunky and heavy, but I can’t make him go on a diet to weigh lesser lol. This is definitely the beginning of a lifelong passion and awesome friendship with awesome photographers, and I can’t wait to click away!