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Botswana – Milky Way at the Safari

Milky Way in Botswana
After an exciting afternoon of safari photography at Mashatu Game Reserve, we spied a hint of the milky way appearing up in the skies. Stoked, we looked around, ascertained that there were no animals (especially predators) nearby, jumped out of the car for a quickie shot. It was the fastest milky way photography I have ever done ;)

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Maldives – Seeing the Milky Way

Milky Way in Maldives

Welcome to nature’s IMax Theatre….sit back, relax and be treated to the most wondrous galaxy of stars

Maldives is an amazing place to see marine life, but something lesser-known and just as magical to see there is the Milky Way. The Milky Way is best seen in a place with as little light pollution as possible (think pitch-dark sky, no moonlight, no clouds with clear sky). In a place as laid-back as Maldives, it’s the best time to kick off your sandals, lie back and take in one of Nature’s most wondrous scene.

It was my first time seeing the Milky Way, and only two words could sum up the experience – Walt-Disney MAGICAL. I found myself talking to the stars, attempting to find out each of their names like a lover’s first meet. As the sea breeze caressed my face, I felt loved by Mother Nature and the joy of being in the Maldives. Life is good :)