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My Kind of Retro: Disco Skating

Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Living it up at The Rink, JCube

Faced with the recent sweltering hot weather, I did something I have not done for almost 7 years – I went ice-skating to escape the heat. Ice skating was never really on my radar since the ice rinks in Singapore were far and few, and so small I felt akin to a hamster running in its own exercise wheel – what’s the fun of going round and round in while trying to avoid the throngs of falling people, I wondered. Furthermore, ice skating felt like an activity only meant for the young, maybe because older folks like clumsy me are likely to fall and break our bones. I took extra effort NOT to fall cos’ it’s not the age to be proudly sporting blue-black bruises.

Located at the heart of JCube on Level 3, The Rink recently had its official opening on 12 August 2012. It has a 460 seat gallery and the 60 by 30 metre ice rink (Singapore’s first and only Olympic-size rink) is designed to host international events and competitions for sports such as ice hockey, curling and speed skating. Over 80,000 people have visited The Rink since its soft launch on 2 April 2012, and it will be hosting its first ice hockey league from September 2012.

The Rink is the first sports facility developed under the Singapore Sports Council’s Community/Sports Facilities Scheme which encourages the integration of community or sports facilities in private commercial developments. A national Learn-to-Skate programme has been rolled out to equip participants with foundational skills in ice skating through a progressive five-week course. Those who are more in for the fun can boogie it up at the disco-themed ice skating sessions held on the first and third Fridays of every month.

The Rink
2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3, JCube
Singapore 609731
Tel: +65 6684 2374
Opening Hours: 10:30AM to 9:30PM (Mon – Thurs); 10:30AM to 11:45PM (Fri – Sun & PH)
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/therink.sg

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Disco-themed ice skating is on every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month. Themes include Rock & Roll, K-Pop, Jay Chou, Boy Bands and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. I was lured down by Jay Chou…

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Queuing up to get my skates

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

A group of friends eagerly putting on their skates

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

I’m ready to boogie! And I brought my own wings, haha.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Something to note: The Rink operates in fixed 2-hour schedules, so go at the right timings else you will end up wasting money or waiting for the next skating session: 12:45pm – 2:45pm, 3pm – 5pm, 5:15pm – 7:15pm, 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Disco-theme Friday nights are from 9.45pm – 11.45pm.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

I had to wait about 10 minutes…which gave me enough time to do a Look of the Day, haha.
Gray top – Y3 by Yohji Yamamoto
Blue PVC cape – From Hong Kong
Pants – Adidas by Jeremy Scott
Bling leather gloves – River Island

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Snakeskin print platform sneakers – From Hong Kong
Wide Bangle – Hermes
Thin bangle with leather bow – H&M

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Yay – I finally get to go on the ice!

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Staff teaching novices how to skate safely

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Trying to find my balance…afterall, it’s been 7 years I haven’t walked on ice.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Maybe I should rent one of these cute penguin skating aids. They are only for kids though. Sigh.
Photo: The Rink

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Hey – these LED light skates are cool! I want!

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Finally getting the hang of it, and able to glide around a bit…

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

And comfy enough to try a few naughty moves!

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

I’ll look nowhere as cool as this competitive figure skater though.
Photo: Singapore Sports

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

I’m getting a backache from just looking at him.
Photo: Singapore Sports

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Do stay back after the last skating session, cos’ that’s when the ice hockey teams train and play friendlies. They are really cool to watch – the action is really fast and can get pretty rough.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

I spotted these ladies playing alongside the men. Whoa. Respect.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Doing drills. They were suppoused to duck down upon the coach’s whistle. It was quite hilarious to watch.

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

And finally off they play!

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

It was almost 1.30am by the time I left. I couldn’t keep my eyes open….I shall remember the lady in this poster and go home to dream about gracefully gliding through ice just like her….zzzz

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

The Rink hosts competitive sports such as speed skating too.
Photo: Singapore Sports

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Skating Rates
Tip: Bring your own gloves and socks to save money.

On the whole, I had a great time on ice. Did I fall? Yes – dramatically in a 3-person pile-up which resulted in a 3-session acupuncture (see, I was right about being not at the age to fall down). It could have been worse, if not for the ample natural padding on my butt :D Would I go back? Yes I would. It was fun and a different kind of experience. Lots of memories can be made here, such as…

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

Celebrating a friend’s birthday on ice
Photo: The Rink

A First-ever proposal at The Rink

Disco Ice Skating at The Rink JCube

And getting married! That’s the closest you’ll get to a winter wedding in Singapore. Congrats!
Photo: The Rink 



Francfranc comes to Singapore

Francfranc Vivocity

Huge chairs line the entrance of Francfranc’s new store at Vivocity – I so want one of these, IF my room has that amount of space! I can imagine myself curling up on the chair like a little kitty..meow

Being a Nippon-phile, I was naturally excited about Francfranc (pronounced as ‘frang-frang’ フランフラン, not ‘frank-frank’ ;p) opening in Singapore. Known for its lively, fun-loving designs, the well-loved Japanese premium home and lifestyle store began from a single store in Tokyo in 1992, and has since grown to 126 stores located in Japan (115), Hong Kong (4), Shanghai (3) and South Korea (4). The brand also celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Polar Bear

This giant polar bear greeted me at the entrance of the Vivocity store – I got excited even before stepping into the store already!

The first store opened at JCube on 1 May 2012, and its largest flagship store in the world (20,000 sq ft) and the first in Southeast Asia on 1 June at Vivocity. Designed by award-winning designer Yasumichi Morita, it will offer a wide range of products – kitchen and table, fabric (curtains), hobby and culture, kitchen fabric (apron, tea towels), beauty and health (soaps, bath products, scents), furniture (sofas, cupboard), lighting (including other electrical appliances) and interior accessories (art, photo frames and clocks) – shopaholic’s dream!

Special edition tote bag

Special edition tote bag to commemorate the opening of Francfranc’s Singapore stores – Hello Francfranc!

Colour Display

Towels & bath products in every imaginable colour – me super ‘Like”!

Photo frames

Pretty stitched floral photo frames – might I mention floral is the biggest trend this spring season too? ;)

Colourful Mittens

These colourful mittens are tempting to take up baking just so I can buy them! :p

Doggy Mugs

Dogs are a man’s best friend, now they appear on your mugs and make drinking that 8 cups of water a day much more enjoyable too! Woof woof paws up!

Gracious Jasmine

Hmmm…I wonder if I will get more gracious and elegant after inhaling this..

Chocolate Candle

These chocolate candles look good enough to eat, I must say!

Kids are not left out too, with on-going collaborations with renowned brands such as the current one with Disney.

Disney Collaboration

Anyone fancy eating out of a Mickey Mouse plate?

What I am more elated about is that the Vivocity store will carry “J-PERIOD”, its line of Japanese traditional culture-inspired products which will be available for the first time outside of Japan – yay! 



Top Left: Sakura-themed homeware
Top Right: Aquatic-themed ornaments
Bottom Left: Tengu, Okame and Hyottoko from a traditional Japanese game played at Hanami Parties
Bottom Right: Fancy a traditional Japanese scents for your home?

Francfranc’s great whether for a family outing or checking out kawaii items to perk up the home; their items are so quirky, I’m sure it will be a conversation starter at house parties. Looks like I will have another place to add to my shopping spots!




Photos: Moi and Francfranc Facebook page


Francfranc VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-41/42, VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Francfranc JCube
2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-27, JCube, Singapore 609731