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Fun – Only in Japan…

It was a relaxing stroll along the streets of Sapporo. Until I saw this signboard and did a double-take at what’s on Level 4. Only in Japan, baby.

The Japanese definitely has a very interesting approach towards the use of English words, with young girls happily wearing T-shirts sporting less-than-desirable words like b**** and sl** across the chest. I scratch my head and wonder if they really understand the meaning behind the words? Then again, if it’s an attention-grabbing stunt, I think they succeeded.

Cock Grease

Apparently it doesn’t stop at signboards – we had a good laugh when my friend brought this hair wax home from Japan. I must say it made a good present – but only to friends with a sense of humour ;) Another friend bought a cat sharpener which meows when a pencil is stuck inside. The sharpener is at the butt area. I couldn’t forget these 2 presents. Sure beats any keychain or postcard!
Photo: Cock Grease Hair Pomade

And guess what – they have one for the ladies too! LOL
At a loss for words for such creative marketing, but they sure are interesting gifts to make the day :)

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Humourous Taxi Driver

Usually when I hop onto cabs, I tell the driver my destination and immediately space out to my own dreamy world. This trip was no different, until I looked down and the Hello Kitty floormat caught my eye…and then I started noticing things in this very, very interesting cab that made me try to control myself from bursting out in peals of laughter.

I guess the driver must have had some unpleasant previous experience…
I feel like farting too…control, CONTROL!

Getting the message across

Getting the message across

When that doesn’t work, go for the sore ego spot
What’s most interesting is – the driver is an eldery uncle probably in his 60s. it’s great he had that sense of humour – and courage to drive the taxi.

And that’s probably his parting shot to his passenger. What an alternative greeting from the usual “Bye & take care!
He had a few more humorous signs in his taxi such as a sticker with a targetboard emblazoned on the entire backseat, but I had reached my destination. Judging by the cynical signs, I better get off asap. Well, Taxi Uncle you definitely brightened my day. Hope to take your taxi again soon – I enjoyed my joyride :D

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Spikes Cap

This came to me all the way from France. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package – I had a good laugh! I can imagine the amusement on my friends’ faces when they saw the cap. Somehow, when friends buy presents for me, they go for the ‘who-on-earth-would-wear-that‘ category. And true enough, I have been eyeing this K-pop inspired studded cap for a while but haven’t gotten around to buying it.

It’s little gifts like this that makes me so very happy, that I have friends halfway round the globe who remember me, care for me and know what I will like. We get to meet at most only once a year, so thank God for Facebook and awesome friends like these – they make me want to run away and join the circus, or their light art compagnie in this instance :D

Merci beaucoup mes amis, je l’aime! I miss all of you so much! plein de bises xoxo


Marine Life Park – Giant Grouper vs. Little Girl

Marine Life Park, RWS Sentosa

“Shoot some more, I’ll eat you up”
Brought my new DSLR to Marine Life Park for some practice photography. It’s really tough shooting under such super low lighting, super fast fishes, super lotsa people, and super dummy photographer. Almost died trying to take photos, fumbling with every dial and button I could. I managed some decent shots, but lots more to improve on. Will process them once I have some time…can’t wait to share them with you!

My friend shot with an iphone, and she was done with her visit when I just covered merely 1/4 of the attraction. So embarrassing! She went to eat a plate of char kway tiao while I toiled away. Never sweated so much in an air-condition place! I have new-found respect for photographers. Looking on the bright side – I got maximum value out of my admission ticket! LOL :D