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Photography – Tiny Bursts of Yellow

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Flora Macro

This flora bloom reminds me of fireworks, bursting open at different times to form an interesting moving work of art. How very pretty! Life should also be as such, peppered with little, happy things which make our mundane day special.


Look of the Day – Royal Minty

It was a lovely day, so Piggycess Spunktitude put on her tiara and went out to play…

Look of the Day - Royal Minty

Look of the Day – Royal Minty
Icy mint green happens to be Spring/Summer’s hottest hue – nice huh?
Eyelet top and skirt – H&M
Lace socks – Forever 21
Wings Platforms – Vivienne Westwood
Sunnies: From Hong Kong
(I think even the ‘dog’ in the window on the left was so taken by Piggycess Spunktitude, it’s staring in awe with mouth wide-open. Or I just look like a delicious piece of bacon to it. heh.)

Look of the Day - Royal Minty

Look of the Day – Royal Minty
Don’t you just love the floral tiles on this shophouse? Palace-worthy.

Look of the Day - Royal Minty

Look of the Day – Royal Minty
Tiara – Inherited (that’s the only way right?)…Cos’ no one dared to wear it after the company D&D. Haha.
Frog Earrings: Topshop (wonder if it will turn into a Prince if I kiss it..)
Choker and Bracelet: From Hong Kong
Rings – Bulgari

Look of the Day - Royal Minty

This must be one of the MOST beautiful shots I have taken in my entire life. Kudos to the photographer who managed to make a beauty outta a piggycess!

Look of the Day - Royal Minty

And that’s for you D my Prince Cham-ming (dialet meaning ‘Poor Thing”, cos’ he’s always ‘abused’ by me) for the day. Thanks for taking these lovely collection of photos, you’re the best!

Lots of Love,spunktitud3