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Have an angelic Christmas!

VIctoria's Secret Christmas
I couldn’t think of anyone else who would bring us more Yuletide joy (especially the men) than angels – Victoria’s Secret Angels, to be exact. I passed by the London flagship store along Bond Street and was treated to a visual eye candy display from their 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here’s wishing the men’s spouses and girlfriends be as sexy as a Victoria’s Secret angel and bring you lots of joy to last the whole year, and ladies be as curvaceous and voluptuous to fit into a Victoria’s Secret model’s costume (even the mannequin couldn’t quite fill the cups up, glurp)! Ho Ho Ho, what a great Christmas! :)


Tickle me happy

Floral bloom

I love a Brazilian!

Fly to me baby

Can I unwrap my present? Now?

This I want…but I need more feathers; this is the size of a malnourished chick, I’m more the size of a succulent hen LOL!

Flower fairy
All inset angel photos from CBS website

Merry Christmas with our beloved Rudolf at Covent Garden Market and a cute humping couple (with clothes on) beneath! That’s what Christmas is about – love & joy :)