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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Joy is one of the most intelligent and devoted dogs I have seen. Unlike her name, she’s a sourpuss and very quiet compared to the hyper-active Rainbow. She is, however, fiercely loyal and a keen observer – meaning she knows when to take her chances :)
She loves burrowing into D’s bed to snooze, and this particular shot came by when she surfaced from the blankets to check out what we were laughing about – and promptly fell asleep again.


She brings much joy to D and is a great companion for him. I thought this was a pretty nice portrait of the gal. She’s about 14 years old by now, but still as fiesty – and horny – as ever. And responds to the speed of lightning to food.



The Little Monster

Rainbow the Little Rascal

The Little Monster
Species: Foodgasauraus

Traits: Hyper-active, absolute rascal and responds only to food. Eyes are firmly locked in once target has been identified, and will resort to acting cute, giving Puss-in-boots sparkly eyes, nudging and whining to gets its way. Devours almost anything that comes in its way, except chairs and tables.
The little rascal’s name is Rainbow :)