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Photography – Singapore Sports Hub Panorama

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Singapore Sportshub

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Photography – A Suggestive Sky

A Suggestive Sky

I thought the clouds on that sunny day looked so nice and fluffy. Then I reviewed my photos and thought it looked like something more intimate. Hmmm…interesting sky *wild thoughts* :)

Taken at 湖井頭 Hujingtou Battle Museum, 金門 Kinmen

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Photography – Sunset

I find sunsets therapeutic at times…it signifies the end of a work day, and signals the start of family and social time. I find myself looking forward to sunsets – will it be epic? Will it be subtle? Will we have fiery red skies? Nature’s so wonderful, you never know what will come. That’s what makes life so interesting as well.

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Poodle in the Sky

I see a poodle in the sky!

Was day-dreaming on a sunny day, and I saw a fluffy poodle in the sky while admiring the blue,blue sky…while hiding in air-conditioned comfort, hee. Clouds are such interesting subjects, those visible masses of water droplets become all sorts of imaginary creatures in our minds, and instills a carefree feeling by just looking at them. Fly, fly away!

Singapore harbour

I thought the big cloud on the top left corner looks like a roosting hen…what does it look like to you? This is also a good representative shot of Singapore as a harbour city with the green cranes and colourful cargos at the bottom right. Look closer and you can also see Marina Bay Cruise Centre and Singapore’s newest Marina Coastal Expressway being built. Looking at the ships in the background makes me wanna travel again…