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Humourous Taxi Driver

Usually when I hop onto cabs, I tell the driver my destination and immediately space out to my own dreamy world. This trip was no different, until I looked down and the Hello Kitty floormat caught my eye…and then I started noticing things in this very, very interesting cab that made me try to control myself from bursting out in peals of laughter.

I guess the driver must have had some unpleasant previous experience…
I feel like farting too…control, CONTROL!

Getting the message across

Getting the message across

When that doesn’t work, go for the sore ego spot
What’s most interesting is – the driver is an eldery uncle probably in his 60s. it’s great he had that sense of humour – and courage to drive the taxi.

And that’s probably his parting shot to his passenger. What an alternative greeting from the usual “Bye & take care!
He had a few more humorous signs in his taxi such as a sticker with a targetboard emblazoned on the entire backseat, but I had reached my destination. Judging by the cynical signs, I better get off asap. Well, Taxi Uncle you definitely brightened my day. Hope to take your taxi again soon – I enjoyed my joyride :D