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Milkcow 밀크카우 Organic Soft Serve comes to Singapore

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우Known for its healthy and organic soft serve ice cream, Milkcow finally opens in Singapore. Being one of the two Korean brands (the other being Softtree) who started the trend where soft serve ice-cream was paired with a piece of honeycomb, I was quite keen to try after having tasted Honey Creme and Sunday Folks.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
The store is located on the ground floor of The Cathay. I was SO relieved there wasn’t a crazy queue like at the opening of Honey Creme.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우Milkcow’s premium soft serve is made from 100% organic milk sourced from Italy for a deeper and richer taste.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우You can choose from various toppings such as natural honeycomb, macaroons, cotton candy and interesting sauces such as red ginseng and cool mint.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우Milkcow uses 100% natural honey sourced from honey farms in Sydney and Tasmania.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
There are 14 flavours to choose from. What the staff recommended us was M2 Milk Honey, M3 Milky Cube and the very photogenic M5 Snow Drop.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Great to see such happy staff :)

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
The variety of toppings available. I was drooling at the pool of honeycomb…yumz

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Saw these 3 cute kids posing for photos with their soft serve.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
The shop space is not big, but loads of props for you to take Insta-worthy photos with.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
I opted for M9 Samsam Red Ginseng syrup with Almond Flakes cos’ it was the most interesting and Korean-ish  flavour, and added the signature Honey Cube topping for extra oomph.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Tag your Instagram photos with #milkcowsg and you can get your photos printed by the store staff.

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Photos put up by customers

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우
Eat-soft serve-also-must-camwhore Lina LOL

Milkcow Singapore 밀크카우M9 Samsam Red Ginseng Syrup with Almond Flakes and M7 Cool Mint Syrup with Almond Flakes, with Honey Comb topping

Overall, I felt that the soft serve was sweeter than the rest I have tried, a good honey-ish type of sweet. I enjoyed the crunchy almond flakes, although I must say that the staff needs a bit more practice with presentation as neither of our soft serve looked very pretty lol. I like that Milkcow uses natural products, and I definitely appreciate the fact that I didn’t need to wait for an hour to get a lick, so I would pop by to try other flavours the next time I am in the area.

Milkcow Singapore
Address: The Cathay #01-03, 2 Handy Road Singapore 229233
Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 9.50PM (Sun – Thu), 11.30am – 10.50pm (Fri, Sat, and eve of PH)
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MilkCow.Sg
Website: www.milkcow.kr