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Photography – 人情味 Human Touch

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People say Hong Kong is full of two things – people and neon signboards – which were aptly captured in a signboard I spotted at Yau Ma Tei. I was attracted by the many “人” (man)  on it. I used to be quite scared of the Hong Kong people cos’ they were curt and I was forever getting scolded at restaurants for being too slow in saying out my orders.

This has changed over time, and I have grown to love the boisterousness of the whole atmosphere; Hong Kongers are not rude by nature, they are just conditioned to operate in very quick-moving environments with little tolerance for indecisiveness which slows down their workflow. In fact, the people I have met on my recent trip were all very friendly, and I do not even get scolded for taking their photos – some even posing for me! I grow to love this country a little more with every trip here :)