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Taiwan – Kinmen: Re-living Paradise in Service 金門探访《軍中樂園》拍摄场景

One of the places where you can get a glimpse of Kinmen 金門 during its military period is at Yang Zhai Old Street 陽翟老街. This was once a bustling street built in 1958 after the 823 Artillery Bombardment when 100,000 soldiers … Continue reading

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Taiwan – Getting acquainted with Taiwan’s Celebration Drink: Kinmen Kaoliang 金門酒廠一游

If you have been to a banquet in Taiwan, you would probably have said “gan bei 干杯” with a shot (or more) of Kaoliang/sorghum wine高粱酒. The iconic liquor is a must-try for any visitor to Taiwan, and I was fortunate … Continue reading

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Taiwan – Golden Party in Kinmen 金色派對High翻金門

Kinmen held its 3rd Golden Party 金色派對 on 26 July at Hou Hu beach 后湖沙灘 as part of the county’s month-long summer beach activities 夏艷金門海洋風活動. The beach party (free admission) organised by Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor attracted many local residents and tourists who came … Continue reading

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Taiwan – Living in History at 銃樓民宿 Chong Lou Minsu, Kinmen 金门

When visiting heritage-rich Kinmen, there is nowhere better to stay than a historical resident house. These traditional southern Fujianese 闽南 buildings often came with a rich history and heartening stories as Kinmen was the site of fierce fighting between Communist … Continue reading


Taiwan – Kinmen: Fruitful Cuisine at Quan Min 湶民水果餐創意料理

A restaurant with no menu, no advertising, is only known by word-of-mouth and requires advance booking. We came by this interesting restaurant serving innovative fruit cuisine tucked away in idyllic Kinmen. Overall, I enjoyed the dining experience at Quan Min. … Continue reading