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Japan – Deer oh Deers! Nara’s Most Famous Residents at Nara Park

No visit to Nara will be complete without meeting its most famous resident, the free roaming wild deers (シカ ‘shika‘ or 鹿) at Nara Park 奈良公園, which is also the location of many Nara’s attractions including Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji … Continue reading

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Tokyo – Get up close with Japan’s Cutest Hooters at Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe

We have seen our fair share of pet cafes with dogs and cats, but it is in the land of the strange and wonderful that you will find owl cafes. Located on a little street off Tokyo’s Akihabara district (also … Continue reading

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Japan – Mikoshi 神輿 Parade at Yushima Tenjin

I was fortunate enough to chance upon a mikoshi 神輿 parade when I was at Yushima Tenjin for its Plum Blossom Festival. A mikoshi 神輿 is a divine palanquin or portable Shinto shrine which transports a deity while moving between main … Continue reading


Japan, Tokyo – Plum Blossoms at Yushima Tenjin

Every year, the arrival of plum blossoms (ume 梅) herald the start of spring. These beauties typically bloom between February and March. The event is celebrated with plum festivals (ume matsuri 梅祭り) in public parks, shrines and temples across the … Continue reading


Taiwan – A Japanese Feast at Yao Chuan Izakaya 堯川創藝日式料理居酒屋 in Jiaoxi, Yilan

Jiaoxi town 礁溪 located in Yilan county 宜兰 is one of Taiwan’s most favoured weekend hideouts. It is famous for its alkaline hot springs which is also known as a “beauty soup.” After a gratifying soak, indulging in a nice … Continue reading