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Taiwan – Step into a candylicious fairytale at Cingjing’s Nina de Chocolate 妮娜巧克力工坊

Tucked away in the picturesque mountains of Cingjing, Nina de Chocolate is a cute, little candy house making exquisite handmade chocolate bearing interesting flavours with locally-sourced ingredients such as Cingjing gooseberry, kaoliang liqueur and even Alishan wasabi. Located within Florence … Continue reading

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Taiwan – A taste of Yunnan at Cingjing Lumama Restaurant 清境魯媽媽雲南擺夷料理

Apart from enjoying the ubiquitous steamboat meals at their minsu, visitors to Cingjing can also visit Lumama Restaurant, a popular eatery serving authentic Yunnan/Shan tribe cuisine. Located just above Cingjing Farm 清境農場, the restaurant boasts a scenic view of the … Continue reading

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Taiwan – Baroque Splendor at Cingjing’s Florence Resort Villa 佛羅倫斯渡假山莊

“This is a minsu 民宿? You gotta be kiddin’ me – it looks more like a castle!” I told my Taiwanese friend when we first arrived at Florence Resort Villa 佛羅倫斯渡假山莊. The Italian-themed minsu is no doubt one of the best … Continue reading


Taiwan – Experiencing Minsu 民宿 in Cingjing 清境

One of the must-have experiences in Taiwan is staying in a minsu (民宿), also commonly known as homestay or bed-and-breakfast. These minsu often come in different themes and décor, and there’s one for you whether on a shoestring budget or … Continue reading


Taiwan – Shito Yazhu 雅筑小站: A Home Away from Home in Xitou

A European-style house nestled amongst the woods in Xitou, Nantou County, Yazhu is a great place to stay if you are looking for a relaxing stay with nature, or a convenient location to explore the many attractions nearby – Monster … Continue reading