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Pokémon Café Singapore

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Pokemon Cafe Singapore

My friend laughed when I told her I was visiting the Pokémon Café. Well, I admit I am a little over-aged to indulge in monsters, but who could resist its first pop-up cafe in Southeast Asia. And a plus that two other friends were game enough.

Pokemon Cafe SingaporeWe heard fans queued for 5 hours on its opening day to get a seat in the 40-seater cafe at Bugis Junction which is a collaboration with Everything with Fries. Luckily – we went on a Monday early evening and waited just 15 minutes (they will only seat you when the whole group is present, and there is a minimum spend of 3 dishes for every table).

Pokemon Cafe Singapore
The pop-up cafe serves 12 dishes on its menu, and retails official and exclusive Pokémon café merchandise.

Pokemon Cafe SingaporeThe seating area is “wrapped” around the escalator area, and a photo booth located right at the cafe entrance.

Pokemon Cafe SingaporeCouldn’t resist a selfie with Pikachu ears

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

The food looks super Insta-worthy! Some of them comes with a mug for you to take home.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

The cafe’s signature Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce (tastes like a mild coconut curry sauce) comes with a free Pokeball mug for you to take home.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Beef patty and mashed potato (which was rather dry) covered in crepe to form Pikachu, with spaghetti, greens and oddly – a white chocolate sweet.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Truffle fries. Which we couldn’t taste of any truffle. I had high hopes for the $12 fries since the cafe was a collaboration with Everything with Fries.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Pikachu’s Thundershock Parfait which gave me a shock with the obscene amount of sugar and cream in it. I couldn’t eat it after a few mouthfuls, as it was way too sweet. My nutritionist would hyperventilate if she knew what I ate.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Pikachu’s Sweeeet Pancake. I need to get that face mould so I can make my own Pikachu pancakes.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Iced Pikachu Latte which looked too cute to drink. The layer of yellow cream used to form Pikachu’s face was so thick, it took some effort to break through.

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

“Volt Tackle” Soda, which is a passionfruit soda with Pikachu’s face made out of mango sherbet.

Pokemon Cafe SingaporeWhen you are done with your meal, you can browse through exclusive Pikachu merchandise while waiting for the cashier. Overall, it was a fun meal – fun to take photos of to share on social media. If you were there for the food, you would be disappointed (though it did taste better than some of the other character cafes that recently opened in Singapore).

Pokemon Cafe Singapore

Couldn’t resist a final “Pika Pika”!

Pokémon Café Singapore (From May 27 to Jul 31 2016)
Address: 200 Victoria Street, #04-05, Bugis Junction Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 9:30PM
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pokemoncafeinsg
Nearest Train Station: Bugis



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