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My Wefie of the Year!

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Ubin Day Photography ExhibitionThis is definitely my Wefie of the Year – how often do you get to take a wefie with the Prime Minister himself? It was super cool :)

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

My photography group participated in Ubin Day with a humble exhibition documenting the various sights at Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore’s last villages/kampongs and preserving its rustic charm.

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

That’s my photo! :D


Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who was the Guest of Honour giving his speech. It was nice to hear him sharing his fond memories about Pulau Ubin, and that he once stayed 17 days on the island.

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

It was heartening to hear PM Lee share that shoreline restoration, habitat enhancement, species recovery, cultural mapping and a new centre for research and education are among some of the initiatives that the Government will roll out in a bid to sustain the rustic charm of Pulau Ubin.
Pulau Ubin has grown to be one of my fave weekend outing location, with so much biodiversity to photography and I do enjoy cycling round the island to get some much-needed exercise.

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

I had 3 photos on display :)

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

This photo was a panoramic shot made up of 18 photos stitched together. I was glad I was able to put my newly-honed panoramic photography skills to use lol. If you have the chance, do make the effort to climb up to Puaka Hill, the highest point at Pulau Ubin. The view is quite spectacular.

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

Glad PM Lee seemed to enjoy the photos. I was impressed he knew quite a bit about photography :) He was so friendly and approachable, he made me want to join the grassroots lol.

Ubin Day Photography Exhibition

And we had a cute visitor who lingered on at the exhibition, much to everyone’s delight. And I’m talking about the furkid, very manja :)



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