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Sunday Folks – Because the best things in life are sweet

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Sunday FolksSingapore seems to be in a soft serve fad lately. Before Honey Creme came to town, another soft serve cafe had already been getting lots of good word-of-mouth. Started by the owners of Creamier, Sunday Folks is the first in Singapore to feature a soft-serve dessert concept, offering 6 flavours of soft serve ice cream. What’s even better, you can enjoy your soft serve with the crisp eggy waffles made with Creamier’s super-popular recipe in more spacious and elegant settings.

Sunday Folks

It is not difficult to spot the café from the row of restaurants along Chip Bee Gardens – just look for the crowd outside waiting for their table.

Sunday Folks

When you get there, put your name down on the electronic reservation system at the entrance. You can wait at the benches in front of the café, or take a little stroll nearby as they will send you a message when your table is ready. We queued for about 30 minutes.

Sunday Folks

The wood and copper interior gave an elegant feel to the cafe, making it a great place to hang out, or to impress a first date.

Sunday Folks

Everyone comes here for waffles
Waffles are a must here. So just pick a flavour from the six available, and decide if you would like any extra toppings to go with. And patiently wait for it to arrive.

Sunday Folks

Lazy to queue? Get a take-out in a chocolate cone :)
The freshly churned soft serve comes in six flavours – Earl Grey Lavender, Summer Strawberries, Roasted Pistachio, Madagascar Vanilla, Seasalt Gula Melaka and Dark Chocolate.

Sunday Folks

This must be the prettiest soft serve cone I have ever seen to-date.

Sunday Folks

The cafe also serves a range of cakes baked in-house such as Japanese Matcha Cake and Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake, as well as coffee brewed with beans by local roaster Liberty Coffee.

Sunday Folks

With such a whimsical tap, Sunday Folks makes drinking tap water seem cool.

Sunday Folks

Eagerly awaiting our waffles…the smell of freshly baked ones were simply intoxicating…faster!! :D

Sunday Folks

Waffles come with standard toppings of strawberries and blueberries, and you can choose additional toppings from the mind-boggling variety available at the bar counter. Just a word of caution – don’t go overboard, or you may end up with a very impressive-looking $50 dessert LOL.

Sunday Folks

Enjoying his waffles

Sunday Folks

We ordered an earl grey lavender soft serve with an additional Matcha Nama Chocolate topping. We enjoyed the distinct lavender flavour and it went very well with the crisp eggy waffles which never seemed to lose its crispy texture.

Sunday Folks

We ordered an additional scoop of Dark Chocolate as well. I would have tasted all six flavours if my friend didn’t start protesting :p I will be back, Sunday baby.

Sunday Folks
Add: 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278116
Tel: 6479 9166
Email:  info@sundayfolks.com
Opening Hours: Tue – Fri: 1:00PM – 10:00PM; Sat – Sun: 12:00PM – 10:00PM; Last Order 9:30PM
Website: http://www.sundayfolks.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sundayfolks.singapore

Getting There
Take Exit A from Holland Village MRT. Walk across the public carpark towards Chip Bee Gardens. Walk out of the small road in the middle of the carpark, turn left and walk up the slope. Sunday Folks is about 3 to 4 shops down.

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