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Honey Creme – Insta-licious Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Honey Creme
Honey Creme, a Korean-style dessert chain from Taiwan has just opened its first Singapore store at 313@Somerset. It was with much anticipation that I went to try the much-hyped about handmade soft serve ice cream.

Honey Creme

The ice cream parlor is located just in front of 313 Somerset’s taxi stand. I was pretty dreadful about the expected long queue, so thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I got my dessert in 25 minutes.

Honey Creme

Honey Creme offers just one soft serve ice-cream flavour, which is the original milky Honey Creme. The secret lies in its very interesting toppings which include honeycomb, organic cotton candy, mixed grains, affogato and caramel popcorn. I am drooling while typing this…

Honey Creme

During the short 25 minutes I was there, it seemed that the whole world was so excited about their ice ream, taking wefies after wefies…of them queuing, with their ice cream….it felt nice to witness the social prowess of a humble soft serve. The atmosphere felt happy and no one griped about the queue.

Honey Creme

Overheard from the couple behind:
Girl: “Wah, queue so long, we must buy at least 3 or 4 cups to make our time worth.”
Guy: “You can eat so much meh?!”
Girl: “Don’t care, I cannot finish you will eat for me.”
I tried very hard not to laugh. I stuck to just one order, can’t afford the fats.

Honey Creme

The many variations of one soft serve flavour, which is your favourite? :)

Honey Creme

The top 4 must-trys
From left: Popcorn ($5.50); Affogato ($5.50); Organic Cotton Candy ($5.50); Honey Comb ($5.90)
Another interesting offering is the Organic Mixed Grains ($6.20) with flax seeds, oats, black beans, rye and barley.Image: Honey Creme Singapore

Honey Creme

I was lured by this tantalizing honeycomb

Honey Creme

The ice cream cones (far left) are so colourful!

Honey Creme

There is a small dining space which can accomodate about 18 pax, though most will choose to takeaway.

Honey Creme

My choice of the day: Honey Comb!
The taste of the soft serve was smooth, milky and light. It paired very well with the honeycomb and felt almost sinless wolfing it down. I would probably wait for the hype to be over before I venture to try other flavours though. And now my turn to Insta my ice cream *click + hashtag #HoneyCremeSG* :)

Honey Creme Singapore
Address: 313 Orchard Road #01-37, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895 (next to Taxi Stand)
Tel: +65 6884 8468
Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/honeycremesg
Nearest Train Station: Somerset

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