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Taiwan – A Kinmen Root 金门一条根

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金门一条根 Kinmen

金门特产之一是“一条根”,不过肯定不是这一根 :) Photo of my Taiwanese pal Xiao Kai taken at Juguang Tower 莒光樓, Kinmen. This pose was thought of by him. I gotta applaud him for his vivid imagination :)

One of the specialty products of Kinmen, Taiwan which I learnt from my recent visit to Kinmen, is a herb called “金門一條根 Jin Men Yi Tiao Gen”, loosely translated into a kinky-sounding “A Kinmen Root.”

Found in the Kinmen area, pharmaceutical books claim that the Yi Tiao Gen herb, or 阔叶大豆 (Glycine tomentella Hayata) can enhance blood circulation, build general health and is especially good for treating arthritis and body aches. I immediately dragged my aching body (yes, I over-shopped again, ha) in search of this remedy.

金门一条根 Kinmen

My sweet pal Xiao Kai brought us to 金門浯記一條根 conveniently located in the city centre Jin Cheng 金城 (just opposite the bus station). They are the first shop in Kinmen to promote products made from Yi Tiao Gen, and have worked with local TCM institutions to research on this herb.

金门一条根 Kinmen

It’s a full house! Definitely a good sign…

金门一条根 Kinmen

Say hello to Sister Xu! Can you imagine she used to serve in the army? (see the photo on the counter just in front of her) I bet she must have been the best tester for the herb lol.

金门一条根 Kinmen

Yi Tiao Gen can be ingested as a drink or made into a paste, oil or plaster for application on aching body parts. Its root is about 50cm long (hence its name) and can only be harvested after 2 to 10 years. The low production makes it precious and it has been likened to the Korean ginseng.

金门一条根 Kinmen

This is the paste to go for! Buy, buy ,buy!

金门一条根 Kinmen

Sister Xu helped to do “gua sha” with the Yi Tiao Gen paste, and look at my shoulder in 5 minutes – all red! Definitely overworked and too heaty!

金门一条根 Kinmen

From top left: Yi Tiao Gen tea bags, medicinal paste, oil and plaster (can cut into smaller pieces) And that’s only part of my stash. Bye bye pain :)

金門浯記一條根 Kinmen Wu Ji Yi Tiao Gen
Address: 金門縣金城鎮民生路9-18號(金城車站旁) – this would be a more convenient location
Tel: 082 322 285
Opening Hours: 7:30AM to 9:30PM
Email: mia321983@yahoo.com.tw

金門浯記一條根(總店 Main store)
Tel:082 322 352 / 3231 493
Fax:082 323 312
Opening Hours:8:00AM to 6:00PM
Website: http:// www.km5g.com.tw
Visiting Kinmen? This map of Kinmen will be useful (Source: Kinmen County website).

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One thought on “Taiwan – A Kinmen Root 金门一条根

  1. Thank you for you post about this! I suffer from a rarebit severe arthritis. My Neighbour’s mother who is from China was very kind and gave me a jar of the orange paste. She showed me how to apply it. I could not believe how well it worked! It was better than any over the counter medications I’ve tried. I’ve been searching for 2 years to find any kind of information on this that I can. Your post has been very educational. Thank you! I hope I can order this soon now as I need more!

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