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Photography – Master of Disguise

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Orange Oakleaf / Dead Leaf (Kallima inachus)

Dead Leaf/Orange Oakleaf Butterfly (Kallima inachus)
Butterflies use many means to hide themselves from predators. The Dead Leaf Butterfly is quite awesome in this aspect – it’s wings are vibrant with hues of blue, dark brown, white and orange when open, while it highly resembles a brown dead leaf when its wings are closed. The butterfly also takes on a richer brown color during the rainy season.The Dead Leaf is usually found within forested, tropical regions of New Guinea, southern Asia, Madagascar, India and Japan, near the forest floor where there are loads of dead leaves to hide amongst. While most butterflies feast on fresh flowers, the Dead Leaf has a peculiar diet of rotting fruits and sticky sap leaking from trees. So next time when you are in the rainforest, watch where you are stepping – there may just be a beautiful Deaf Leaf Butterfly lurking around :)

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