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Meeting Piers Atkinson

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Piers Atkinson

I love quirky stuff. One of the designers I have been following is British milliner Piers Atkinson, so I was naturally excited when I met him at Blueprint Singapore. He was SO friendly, so nice like an old friend. Don’t we look awesome in his hat designs? :D

Piers Atkinson

Piers has been making hats for 6 years now, and his collections are known for their wit, unexpected materials and the storytelling. His headpieces regularly appear in fashion publications such as Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, Tatler and his clients include Anna Dello Russo, Lady Gaga, The Princess of York and so many more brave souls. When you wear a Piers Atkinson, you are out to make a statement.

Piers Atkinson

The most famous of them all – the cherry headpiece
Rihanna and Anna Dello Russo have it.

Piers Atkinson


Piers Atkinson

These caps are so cute! I can’t decide.

Piers Atkinson

Cap sporting a veil with many, many eyes

Piers Atkinson

I like this. I can wear this all day long. Maybe it’ll help me to eat lesser too since food can’t get past :p

Piers Atkinson

AW2014 collection
Gorgeous handembroided birds on a beret. If I could, I want them all. Just gorgeous.

Piers Atkinson

Peacock beret. Love, love, love

Piers Atkinson

Fancy wearing a zoo?

Piers Atkinson

Absolutely digging this seal beret!

Piers Atkinson

This Geisha-ish hairpiece was really cool

Piers Atkinson

How do I look? :)

Piers Atkinson

In love with dino.

Guess which one I eventually bought after hours of deliberation? Stay tuned to an upcoming Look of the Day ;)


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One thought on “Meeting Piers Atkinson

  1. Hm, tough call. You look cute in the seal beret!

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