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Hanare Japanese Café – Awesome value-for-money Chirashi and Japanese buffet

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Hanare Japanese Café
I dream of Teppei‘s yummy chirashi…minus the nightmarish queue of up to 6 months
So imagine my joy when I read that Teppei-san has opened Hanare – where there’s no reservations so it’s all fair & square!

Hanare Japanese Cafe
The new cafe is just 5 minutes walk away from Teppei. It’s hidden at the top floor of the row of shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road, so do look out for this sign.

Hanare Japanese Café
Have a workout before the pigout…climb the stairs! And nope there’s no lift, sorry!

Hanare Japanese Café
The cafe is self-service and fuss-free to keep prices affordable.

Hanare Japanese Café
Else where can you get bara chirashi for only $17.60 (not to mention free flow of 4 side dishes) and Japanese buffet for $19.90?
Check their Facebook page to find out the daily special. Prices remain the same for lunch and dinner.

Hanare Japanese Café
Isn’t it cute all the signs are hand-drawn? I like the personal touch…made me wanna take out my colour pencils.

Hanare Japanese Café
A very busy lunchtime crowd. Do come early, like when it opens at 12PM to beat the queue and get the freshest of the buffet.

Hanare Japanese Café
Soba and udon as part of the buffet offerings

Hanare Japanese Café
There’s a variety of fried food, though they were a bit sad-looking (I attribute it to new opening blues…I have no doubt it will get better once operations stabilises…to Teppei-standard)

Hanare Japanese Café
Fried Yuba prawn

Hanare Japanese Café
Chicken Tamago…not too bad

Hanare Japanese Café
A selection of side dishes

Hanare Japanese Café
Edamame, one of the 4 side dishes that comes with the Bara Chirashi. My favourite dish…I polished off half the tray haha!

Hanare Japanese Café
Pickled vegetables
Reminds me of the salty ones we have with Chinese porridge

Hanare Japanese Café
The fried prawns were a bit soggy, me no like. The Japanese curry (beef & chicken available) was good, though it leaned more on the spicy Indian style than sweet Japanese style.

Hanare Japanese Café
Mishmash of items from the buffet

Hanare Japanese Café
My fave from the buffet table – oden!

Hanare Japanese Café
Special of the day – Hamburger Steak
It came a tad cold…I think they were really short-handed, but kudos to the staff for keeping cool and pleasant throughout the crazy lunch hour. I would have butchered someone.

Hanare Japanese CaféThe undisputed star of the show – Bara Chirashi!
The portions were so generous I was squealing in delight – all for $17.60, where to find?! Super good value for money, I really wonder how Teppei-san earns from this dish!

I am definitely coming back to satisfy my chirashi craving and try other main dishes (I spied a Negitoro with sashimi, and Ebi & Oyster Fry, yums). The buffet spread can be improved on a little, but I am not complaining for the affordability and variety. In fact, the bara chirashi was so good I didn’t bother about the buffet much, lol. It is a great place for lunch, and to hang out with friends over a casual dinner. Itadakimasu! :)

Hanare Japanese Cafe
99B Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088520
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00PM – 2:30PM, 6:30PM – 10:00PM; Closed on Sunday
Website: www.facebook.com/hanaresingapore (check here for daily special)


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