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Hong Kong – Star Café 星座冰室: Eat a bowl of culture

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Star Cafe 星座冰室

Eat a bowl of Hong Kong…in tomato broth
As I set out to document Hong Kong’s authentic eats, I came across this bowl of broth made with fresh tomatoes and eggs. It wasn’t easy to find at all, and I found the place only when my Hong Kong friend brought me there.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Located in the same nondescript building as another famous eat Sun Kee Cheese Noodles, Star Cafe is even more hidden as it is located underground, known only to the locals.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Look out for Dadol Hotel’s sign and turn right into the flight of downward staircase. I hope the hotel never closes down, else I will have to find a new sign marker LOL

Star Cafe 星座冰室

Go right down the flight of stairs with the “Moon Spring Foot Massage” sign above. You will see 星座冰室, the Chinese name for Star Cafe.

Star Cafe 星座冰室

Welcome to a piece of Hong Kong’s local culture :)
Started in 1966, Star Cafe is part of a unique Hong Kong dining culture called bing sutt (冰室) popularized around the 1950s as a result of the convergence of cultures. After the 2nd World War, Western food became increasingly popular in Hong Kong with the British colonization. However, such food remained beyond the financial reach of many people. Local diners started offering dishes with Western influences at affordable prices (this must be one of the earliest versions of fusion food).

Star Cafe 星座冰室

This type of fusion cuisine or “soy sauce Western 豉油西餐” (adding of Chinese ingredients into Western dishes) started the trend for cha chan teng 茶餐厅 and bing sutt 冰室 (smaller menu than 茶餐厅), serving localized versions of Western comfort food as well as iced drinks, coffee, and tea. Such places are no-frills, low-priced and operate round-the-clock. The perennial air of boisterousness is characteristic in such places.

Star Cafe 星座冰室

Star Cafe is so well-known for its tomato noodles that a large portion of their menu is dedicated to it
It is one of the few places which use fresh tomatoes to make their special broth while most others use Campbell soup.You have a choice of macaroni, instant noodles, vermicelli or spaghetti, as well as to add ingredients such as beef/chicken, luncheon meat, vegetables, etc.

Star Cafe 星座冰室

At HK28 (USD3.60) a bowl, it is an affordable eat for anyone

Star Cafe 星座冰室

I had my fave Nissin instant noodles with pork chop and luncheon meat
Funny how the humble instant noodles tastes so good in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong - Star Cafe

Star Cafe 星座冰室

The spaghetti version – eaten with chopsticks
Don’t let the gooey appearance of the broth put you off – tuck in and slurp it all up! The taste is light without a presence of sourness from the tomatoes.

Star Cafe 星座冰室

Hong Kong-style milk tea or Si mutt lai cha 絲襪奶茶 (served hot/cold)
This iconic drink made from a mixture of strong black tea and a lot of evaporated/condensed milk and sugar (added by the customer), is also called ‘silk stocking tea’ after the shape of the sackcloth bag used to filter the tea leaves. The smoothness of its taste, or how creamy and full-bodied it is (香滑), distinguishes a good cup of tea.This beverage is very much ingrained in Hong Kong’s culture – Hong Kongers consume a total of 900 million cups a year, and rank it No. 4 of representative Hong Kong cuisine (Top Eat 100, Feb 2012). 

Star Cafe 星座冰室

Bon appetite! :)

Star Café 星座冰室
Shop No. 36, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: +852 2724 4408
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00AM – 9:30PM
Nearest Train Station: Tsim Sha Tsui station (red line) Exit B1 or B2 (5 mins walk)


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