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Hong Kong – Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳: Irresistible Cheesy Goodness

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Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳It’s such a simple dish of instant noodles, grilled pork neck and cheese sauce, but it remained on my mind after I tasted it for the first time. Now it’s the first thing I scoot to once I land in Hong Kong. Call it comfort food :)

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Nestled deep in Champagne Court, neighbourhood cha chan teng (teahouse) Sun Kee is quite a legend for its signature grilled pork neck with instant noodles dribbled in a specially concocted blend of cheese sauce. Don’t let the building appearance scare you – there’s plenty of good food and 2nd-hand camera shops hidden within.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Go straight to the end of the alley after Dadol Hotel then turn left to find the golden goodness…of cheese noodles

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Voila – Sun Kee!
They have a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui and another in Wan Chai, but I usually go to this one in TST since it’s near my shopping haunts.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

The shop seats only 20 and is always crowded, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to dap toi (share a table). It’s a Hong Kong culture, and sometimes you get friendly locals who will tell you more good places to eat/visit so I am usually happy to share tables.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Sun Kee has won over many fans, including a giant following of local celebrities as seen from the photos plastered all over the shop. Try spotting your favourite HK star when you are there *wink*

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Ordering is a no-brainer for the first time – definitely the cheese noodles with grilled pork neck (top left)!

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Other items on the menu. I am always intrigued with HK beverages such as boiled Coke, Coke/Seven-Up with lemon and watercress with honey. And I can never understand how they can make a teahouse culture out of instant noodles, luncheon meat and just buttered bread.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

My perennial HK beverage – the silky smooth yuan yang (mix of coffee, tea – and me!)

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

Cheese noodles with egg and sausage
Nothing beats the fragrant grilled pork neck, but why not try something different if you are with a few friends.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳

The owner definitely loves his dogs, and I always check this ‘wall of fame’ behind the cashier for new photos of the pooches. Try Sun Kee the next time you visit Hong Kong! :)

Sun Kee 新記餐廳

Tsim Sha Tsui shop: 13-14 Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road 金巴利道, Tsim Sha Tsui尖沙咀, +852 2722 4555
Wanchai shop: Shop G11-G14, New Century Plaza, 151-163 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, +852 2574 3988
Nearest Train Station to TST shop: Tsim Sha Tsui station (red line) Exit B1 or B2. Champagne Court just opposite The Mira hotel.
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 7:30AM – 11:00PM; Sun 12:00PM – 6:00PM


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