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LeeSsang 1st Asia Showcase

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LeeSsang - 1st Asia ShowcaseI recently caught hip hop duo Leessang’s first Asia showcase at Shanghai Dolly in Clarke Quay with oppa Darren. While both members are more recognized for their participation in Korean variety programs Infinite Challenge (Gill) and the wildly popular Running Man (Gary), Leessang has produced 8 albums with at least one #1 hit in each.

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

Gary & Gill!

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

Kang Hee-gun or more affectionately know as Gary in SBS’s Running Man. He is also the group’s rapper and writes the lyrics for their songs.

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

Judging from the music showcase, he’s quite the ladies’ man with his honeyed-tongue too ;)

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

Gil Seong-joon (Gill) the husky vocalist of the group

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

Even without saccharine looks nor addictive dance moves, LeeSsang does know how to work up a crowd

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

She must be the happiest fan that day
Gary gamely played “Pepero” with this lucky fan, a game where both bite on a cookie stick to see how long before they stop (for modesty’s sake). Gill naughtily pushed Gary’s head forward, much to the fan’s delight. Even the emcee was captivated.

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

17 years of friendship and showmanship honed from participation in variety programs showed in their comfortable interaction with each other – and crazy antics. Towards the end of the music showcase, they gave each other a splashing good time – by downing each other with bottles of water.

LeeSsang - 1st Asia Showcase

I was quite sure the fans thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining, albeit short, music showcase. Cos’ they refused to leave after the showcase has ended, not even when the host repeatedly announced that there were no more encores. They only left after Gary and Gill personally came out to thank them for their support. I have never seen anything like this LOL. I’m sure they will be looking forward to Gary coming back next Feb to promote his new album.

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