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Yam’s Village Dim Sum Restaurant

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I can never get enough of dim sum. Unfortunately, it is usually available only during breakfast or lunch. So you can imagine my glee when I discovered  Yam’s Village at Downtown East – now I can have reasonably-priced dim sum anytime – even during dinner.
Crispy BBQ Pork Buns $3.50

The dim sum restaurant is an offshoot of Yam’s Kitchen located at E-Hub which is popular with the nearby residents. The restaurant is helmed by Kelvin Yam, who won gold at the International Young Chef competition 2011 in China.

Yam's Dim Sum Village

Egg Tarts

The steamed chicken claws with black truffle oil ($2.80) was pretty good.

I don’t touch glutinous rice. But I couldn’t resist this Lor Mai Kai ($2.80). The sausage was lean and rice flavourful, and the small portion convinced me that I wasn’t ingesting too much carbs, hurhur.

Yam's Dim Sum Village
The mini Yuan  Yang Dumplings ($3.80) were just what I was craving for – carb-guilt in mini portions!

Yams-VillageIn addition to dim sum, the restaurant also serves a pretty decent Klang-style bak kut teh ($8.80) chockful of pork ribs, pig intestines, beancurd sticks and golden mushrooms. It’s a great choice for a one-dish meal.

Yam's Dim Sum VillageThe meatball congee with century egg ($5.80) was passable. I felt it didn’t have enough texture.

Yam’s Village is a nice casual eating place for family outings or simple gatherings, and not too crowded for now. The service can be a little slow, but the pleasant service staff make up for the slight wait. It’s also nice to see the chefs making your dim sum at the open kitchen. I’ll be going back to try more dishes, and adding on photos to this post. So check back often :)

Yam’s Village Dim Sum Restaurant

1 Pasir Ris Close
#01-35 Downtown East
Singapore 519599
Tel: 6584 6678
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri – 10:00AM to 10:00PM; Sat & Sun – 10:00AM to 10:30PM

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