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Fun with 魔漫相机 MomentCam


Of late, I have been hving much fun with different persona using an Android app called 魔漫相机MomentCam. It’s pretty simple to use – just upload a frontal shot of your face and choose from the different hand-drawn cartoons. There are new ones to download daily, and I can now change hairstyles whenever I want! LOL

魔漫相机MomentCam on Google Play Store

I can be a sexpuss! :D

Or a glamour girl

An animal lover

And even a superhero – Thor Thor Thor THORRRR! hahaha
Try it for yourself! The app developer says “Our team is a group of young Chinese artists and computer developers with a dream and big heart to bring happiness and fun to all the people in the world.” And you are certainly bringing much laughter to me and my friends! Oh, and did I mention the app is free to download? ;)