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Photography – The Centre of the Universe

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Singapore Skyline

Physicists have been trying to ascertain where and what is at the centre of the universe for the longest time. To me, life lies in the centre of the universe and as we modernise, we should take effort to ensure nature is not endangered. It pains to hear of deforestation, demolition of historic buildings, loss of habitats to make way for new buildings. Nature and culture has existed and evolved for millions of years, and we have been doing much harm to Mother Nature of late.

This thought struck more poignantly as I rendered a photo of Singapore’s iconic structures for fun, and the photo produced was that of a plant growing out from the centre, seemingly reaching out to the sun – what a zest for life!

Singapore Skyline

No matter how you look at it, nature is beautiful. The clouds, the plants, the sunset. :)
Doesn’t the centre part look like a prehistoric fossil? I think Mother Nature is sending me a message…time to start wearing my “Save the Earth” T-shirt and start planting.


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