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Musings – Dirty Job, Cleaning Stunt

Marina Bay Sands cleaning

Modern-day Spiderman?

I was sauntering across the link bridge from Marina Bay Sands Hotel to Gardens by the Bay, admiring the scenery when I almost jumped out of my skin to see a man plastered on the building’s glass panes as I turned my head to the side. We must be about 10 storeys above street level! With urbanization, most buildings opt for glass façades for a modern feel. The cleaning though – is not easy at all; cleaners such as this Indian have to risk their lives to do their jobs.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel
I got cold feet just looking at the height, much less to don on a harness and scale down the building.

Some of us complain incessantly about our air-conditioned office jobs. Before I do that now, I will remember our humble high-rise building cleaners, how some of them left their homes to find work, and risk their lives doing such a tedious job that no one wants to do – just to provide better lives for their families. One tip I took away from this brief encounter – Crocs are great on slippery surfaces. :)