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Marine Life Park – Giant Grouper vs. Little Girl

Marine Life Park, RWS Sentosa

“Shoot some more, I’ll eat you up”
Brought my new DSLR to Marine Life Park for some practice photography. It’s really tough shooting under such super low lighting, super fast fishes, super lotsa people, and super dummy photographer. Almost died trying to take photos, fumbling with every dial and button I could. I managed some decent shots, but lots more to improve on. Will process them once I have some time…can’t wait to share them with you!

My friend shot with an iphone, and she was done with her visit when I just covered merely 1/4 of the attraction. So embarrassing! She went to eat a plate of char kway tiao while I toiled away. Never sweated so much in an air-condition place! I have new-found respect for photographers. Looking on the bright side – I got maximum value out of my admission ticket! LOL :D