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I am dreaming of a beach holiday…

I am dreaming of a beach holiday

The voyager-in-me is craving for a globe-trotting adventure again…

It’s been a tough week (and only Wed, grumble grumble) and I am so ready to take a break…I am craving for a beach holiday, complete with a gorgeous sun to bronze (not toast!) my skin, lazing on deck chairs by the sea (and hopefully not snoring), oogling at hot bods and even hotter babes, and just taking it easy…

Holidays used to be packed with shopping for me, but I think I have over-shopped (oopsie), and I now derive more pleasure from nature/cultural exploration with my camera or simply relaxing by the beach, taking pleasure in where I am in life rather than acquiring more temporal material items (err cos’ I have lesser & lesser space to store them, hee). I come back more inspired and creative as well!

Gorgeous seaside

Popped over to Tanjong Beach Club over the weekend for a quick fix

After being pampered spoilt at Gaya Island, I now have VERY HIGH standards for my beach holiday lol. The companion was pretty awesome as well; it was one of the best getaways I had – and shopping-free, heh. I hope something will come along soon, time to research on the dream holiday! Are there any great places that you have been to? I wanna know! :) xoxo