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Absolut Cool – Studded Nails

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Studded Nails

After trying almost every kind of imaginable nail art, it’s time to push the limits
Went for some needed pampering at my fave nail place Manicurious, and was in a crazy mood after the long haze.

Studded Nails

Love at first sight
This set of nails immediately caught my attention, and I promptly asked for this design. I have done something similar before, but the spikes absolutely pushed the limits. I was told this set of design was created for a TV drama, and so far – no one in the right mind has asked for it yet. Except me. Somehow that sounds so right :)

Studded Nails

Kennie my sweet manicurist did a fab job!
I love the tamer a.k.a. more practical version she came up with (I definitely can’t go to work with chained nails & bling bling as huge as my eyes). I was initially worried if they would last me more than a day. Kennie painted enough protective layers to secure the decorations, so up till now it still looks as good as new. The most frequent question I get? “How do you clean your nose?” Dats why I only added the spikes on selected fingers, my dears. LOL ;)

Studded Nails

Nails that go fab with any clothes
I can have studs on my shoes, my clothes, my necklaces, my hats and now – my nails! My wildest to-date.
Darren‘s reaction to my studded nails? 3 seconds of stunned silence, followed by “Oh my god.” Dats a good reaction, I aim to shock him every day of our lives :)
Now I have to think what else to do next.

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